Friday, January 13, 2012

Tools, Apps and all things Techno

Well I hit snooze twice this morning, but I eventually dragged my arse out of bed to go for my walk this morning... first time all week.  Why was today any different? Because I had my cool new toy and I wanted to try it out.  Thats right my Polar HRM arrived, and I took it on it's first test run.
As I was running 4 mins, walking 2 mins around the lake, I was thinking that it's so amazing what technology can do these days.

Here I was, with my iPhone keeping me going with sounds, an interval timer iPhone App telling me when to run, and when to walk, my HRM measuring my heart rate and calculating how many calories I'm burning. 
I might add, I was extremely happy with today's result - burning over 500 calories before breakfast!  how motivating is this little baby... H.M wanted to keep going just a little bit longer to see if we could hit 500, and we did!

Only 12 years ago we didn't even have our first home computer, and now I'm running with a mini computer on my armband.  Just amazing.
With the invention of FaceBook, I have an amazing support group from around the world, and have become so much closer to old friends even with an ocean between us, and some of us are now on this 12WBT journey together.  I can order products online and have the product delivered within days. My HRM was one example, ordered Monday night, arrived Wednesday. And as i typed this my Michelle Bridges DVD's have just arrived, ordered online on Wednesday!
I have a hand-me down iPhone, which I inherited when my husband upgraded his, and I have loved every second of it.  
I only download the Free Apps ( except Angry Birds! LOL) and I have a few to share with you here that you might find useful.

#1  Calorie King - my Calorie Counter of choice as it contains most Australian brands.  Nearly everything is in there... and if it's not, you can add it as long as you have the nutritional information on the back of the pack.  Supports the website 
#2 My Fitness Pal, I have this as a back up calorie counter and is used by a few of my friends, I like how it interacts with the iPhone app, so when I input on my phone, it updates on the web too.
#3  Ready Set Run is a beginning running programme brought to you by BUPA. Giving you day by day plans to build you up to your desired running length.

#4 Interval Timer - there were a few free ones to choose from and this one does the trick.  In conjunction with my running plan, I can set it up to run 4 mins, walk 2 mins (or whatever my plan requires) and a bell will ring to tell me to change.  This one will use music from my playlists too.

#5 Map My Run - This is cool, set your start and end points, and this App will show you on a Map where you ran, it will measure distance, and even the elevation of the route.Supported by the website

#6 Body Fitness - A groovy little App with heaps of exercises, so you will never have an excuse not to exercise now!

other tools I will be using on this journey...
Michelle's Crunch Time & Cookbook in one, $25 from Big W
Set of 3 of Michelles DVDs only $35 from Big W

Facebook Group Pages

12WBT Forums.

2 days until preseason starts, all systems are go!


dhits77 - said...

Great post, Mandy! The HRM certainly has that effect, right, makes you want to push yourself harder to hit the magic number :) Thank you for reviewing those apps, I have been using NIke+ GPS for about a year now, but I am keen to try out other apps.

Mandy said...

Just wanted to say "My Fitness Pal" has now officially trumped Calorie King. The Barcode scanner on the iphone is just brilliant. No more searching the database for your brand, scan and viola!! Perfect.