Saturday, January 14, 2012

Hand-Me-Downs and other news

Its taken a while but I have finally uncovered one reason why it is good to be bigger than your mates... You get their hand-me-downs when you all lose weight!  
Thanks to Melissa and Cass losing weight, they have given me their clothes that are now too big, and because I have lost some too... I actually fit them!

When you are on a weight-loss journey, you do pit stops at all the sizes on the way, and it can be an expensive exercise replacing a wardrobe time after time for each size achieved. I don't intend on staying this size for long, so don't want to blow my budget buying new clothes, and having the hand-me-downs is such a blessing. 

So excited about wearing some of my 'new' clothes to work this week. It's inspired me to clear out my wardrobe too, and I have a few things that are simply too big now! Yay!.  So I am now on the lookout for someone who might want my cast-offs, size 18-20.

In other news, 2 more sleeps until pre-season starts. Did my Walk/Run around the lake again today, and knocked out 511 calories.

So far eating has been good too, and cooked one of Michelle's recipes for dinner....Hmmm, the kids ate it all, no complaints.
Michelle's BBQ'd Kebabs
Our overseas guests are on their flighy home, so it's now just a matter of getting back into routine, and planning the week ahead. Back to work Monday. Sigh, not looking forward to that!.

Also in regards to yesterdays post, I think MyFitnessPal has just trumped Calorie King as preferred Calorie Counter website... I did not know about the Barcode scanner feature!, you can scan a barcode of a food, and enter how many grams you ate, and Viola! Calories counted. I imagine not every product is in there, but I am yet to find one that isn't.  Cool as. 

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