Tuesday, January 31, 2012

News, and more News

I haven't really got time to blog today... I left the house at 5.45am, walked 6.5km to the train station, took a train and a bus to work, showered and changed, Worked all day (more about that in a minute) bus and train home, 10 minutes to get changed, off to Zumba, Wicked Zumba class, call in to drop off some stuff my Son on my way home, get talked into giving him a lift to town, finally get home at 9.15pm.  Just had a shower, eaten my chicken salad that my daughter made (my daughter that I didn't actually see for more than 10 minutes) and watching the Biggest Loser (recorded)... as soon as it's over, I've gotta go pack my bag for tomorrow, then I'm off to bed... I AM EXHAUSTED!  
I am so looking forward to weigh in tomorrow... I feel so close to breaking into the 80's...it's gonna happen this week.  When I get to 89.9 it is a few milestones in one. 89.9 means #1, getting into the 80's, #2, 10kg lost since I started this journey in August, when I started Zumba, and started enjoying exercise (it's still mind boggling)!  It also means that I will have lost 10% of my body weight since then as well. 
Today was a Super Session for exercise ... my walk to the train station smashed out 843 calories.  An increase from my practise, probably because I had a backpack of my work clothes & shoes, towels, toilet bag, and Lunch... it wasn't light. 
Followed by a Zumba session tonight, I upped my intensity, and smashed out 702 cals... a Total of 1545 calories burned in one day!  Woo Hoo!

And another little win for me today, as the last day of the month at work, it can get intense. Management puts on some goodies to #1 thank us for the months work, #2 to keep us going through the busiest day of the month..

This is an example of some of the goodies that were on a table right outside my office door.  I couldn't go to the loo, the printer, or the water cooler without passing these tempting morsels, but I am proud to say that I did not eat a thing from table!  There was rocky road, and starbursts and sooooo many chippies... but I said No.!

Lastly, tomorrow is February - and my cousin, and friend, and 12WBT team mate Melissa Howell, decided today to commit to walking/running 100km over the month of February - and even though we live in different countries, I am joining her on this extra challenge.  Hopefully fine weather tomorrow, so I can knock off 6.5km on day 1!

Weigh in tomorrow... can't wait... see you then.

Monday, January 30, 2012


Wow... PreSeason task 4, Say it out Loud!
Easy right? I mean, I've been doing this blog, I think by now everyone knows I am doing this challenge.... but Michelle's instructions are to make personal commitments to our loved ones, Write it down, Say it out Loud, Shake on it... and it's harder than you think.

  • I commit to doing everything that Michelle tells me to
  • I commit to training 6 days a week
  • I commit to following the eating plan.  
  • I commit to lose at least 10kg during this challenge
.... but those are just the tip of the iceberg.

So below there is a video blog, .. I have spoken these words in person to my Husband and Daughters, and made promises while looking in their eyes, but here it  is for everyone else. 
Warning! If you watch this video, you will see tears.

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Well some things are sent to try us, best laid plans... and all those clich├ęs.  After the events of the past few days I found myself in a bit of a pickle.

#1 My car broke down on Monday,  and the decision has been made to retire the poor old thing. Replacement will be some time coming, so it's public transport for me.  This means I needed to get my husband to drive me to the train station to catch the 8am train, and he had to hang around until at least 8.20 until he could drop the girls at school. Not ideal. He didn't mind, but I felt Guilty.  Having to leave earlier than when I was driving, I found I didn't have as much time to do my walks in the morning, and get ready for work.  I could catch the 6.30 train and go to the work gym (which is not as scenic as walking the lake), but I would then need to get my husband up at 6am to take me.. More guilt, or  I could get up earlier than 5.30. I was already struggling with 5.30 but this was going to have to be the way.

#2 Then Wednesday brought torrential rain, and the Gold Coast started to flood. Our house was fine, but my beautiful lake rose and rose, and the water engulfed the path. Now my morning walk/run is out as an option, so it's going to have to be early train, or a home workout followed by the inconvenience to my family. 
My hubby and Daughter standing on the path where I normally start my run.
Then driving back from Westfield Helensvale today , which is also where the train station is located, it dawned on me... How long would it take me to walk to the train station in the mornings?  Instead of walking around a lake, I can walk myself to where I need to be!  Makes sense!  I can solve two problems with one walk.  I am lucky enough to have showers at work, so I can get ready there.

So I decided that this afternoon I needed to do a test run, to see how long the walk would take me, so then I can figure out when I would need to leave to catch each train.  My husband guessed it would take two hours, I thought an hour and a half, Google Maps said 1 hour 20mins... so I set of on my misson.
I took the direct route, without footpaths in some areas, but there is a 400m longer paved alternative. I didn't stroll, this is a workout as well, and I sat down on a bench at the train station 1 hour and 11 minutes later. Sweaty, happy and 720 calories burned.

I'm so proud of myself for not letting excuses (that would be so easy to find) get the better of me, and finding an excellent solution.
Now I just gotta go pack my bag for tomorrow (work clothes, shoes, towel, toilet bag etc) and tomorrow I start day 1 of my new routine. 
The only other problem I foresee is how the other commuters are going to feel about  a sweaty and smelly woman on the train and bus.. But hey, that's their problem, not mine. 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I really don't want to write this, but I have to own it... I did it.
I binged.
I don't want to tell you what I ate, I am too ashamed, but I can tell you that I ate more than my 1200 cals in junk food alone. I am so disappointed in myself.
Tomorrow is another day and I will need to work extra hard to redeem myself.

I don't have any excuses. I don't have any reasons. Simple fact is unhealthy me was stronger today.
I had been lulled into a false sense of security, and let my guard down. She had been laying dormant, pretending to comply and waiting for her chance to strike.. and strike she did!

She waited until I was tired, stressed, un-organised and unprepared... and tried to fight her way back into the dominant position.  Well she may have won this battle but she will not win the war.
I don't want to over-analyse. What's done is done, and beating myself up about it, only makes her position stronger.  But I do need to make peace with her, I need to make her see that we are on the same team and we need to work together. 
I do need to recognise where my weaknesses are, where she can find an opportunity to rise to the top, and I need to put measures in place to stop this happening again. 
Today I got cocky, I got complacent. Today I didn't prepare a proper lunch, I didn't plan and pre-count my calories, I didn't exercise as planned... I let the rain, and subsequent flooding of our city, consume my energy and thoughts, and I let my subconscious unhealthy me revert to old coping habits.  And once it started, I wasn't strong enough to stop it.
So, how do I prevent this from happening again?  
CONSISTENCY & PLANNING regardless of what is going on in the outside world.  I need to get this sorted before the actual challenge starts. 
I also need to sit down and have a good long heart to heart with Unhealthy Me. She is fat for one reason only, she believes that eating bad food and being overweight is actually helping me. She is trying to protect me, and she thinks she is doing the right thing. I need to let her know that I love her unconditionally, that I am grateful for her trying to protect me when I was a child, but I am a big girl now, and I am capable of facing the big bad world without medicating myself with food. I need her to understand that although her heart was in the right place, her logic was wrong, and being fat is hurting me, not helping me. I need her to believe that she is capable of more than she thinks, she's not lazy, she's not unmotivated, she can come along for the ride without dying of exhaustion, because I will be there to hold her hand and support her every step of the way, and together we can achieve anything. 

I little while ago I started reading a book called 'A course in Weight loss', and it talks about connecting with your 'not thin self' and having a deep spiritual conversation.   We laugh about talking to yourself being the first sign of madness, well if so ladies and gentlemen, I am stark raving mad.  And I will continue to be mad until my two battling sides find a peaceful way to live together in one healthy body.

Anyway, I have binged with food, and I have purged with feelings and emotions. Fresh start.
Todays Wednesday weigh in was a 200g loss.  No where near where I wanted it to be. Possibly this disappointment initiated the awakening of Unhealthy Me.   But a loss is a loss, and after 3.3kg last week, overall it's a great loss. 

Dear U.M,
We made a mistake, and I am sad about that, but it's ok, I forgive you, and I still love you, but please don't let it happen again. I promise plan and organise myself, to try and never leave you in that vulnerable position again.
Love H.M.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Day of Mixed Fortune

Not sure if it was the Chinese New Year changing into the year of the Dragon, or the New Moon but today was  one of those days, you know... one of those days when you wish you had just stayed in bed!

I had the perfect day all planned out, as follows :

My Healthy Lunch that I forgot
Alarm set for 5.30am
Walk/Run around the Lake 6-7am
Breakfast, Shower, ready for work, leave 8am
Pack my gym gear for a lunchtime mini workout
Lunch already made the night before
Start work 9am
Come home  and settle in to watch the Biggest Loser on telly.

How the day ACTUALLY turned out, 

  • Alarm went off at 5.30, turned it off, and somehow fell back asleep before my feet hit the floor
  • Woke up 6.45 - Arghh missed my run, need to figure out how to burn 500cals some other way. Get ready, Pack my gym gear
  • Leave on time
  • Half way to work, realise I missed breakfast, and forgotten lunch 
  • text work to warn I will be late
  • turn car around
  • half way home... car gives up (he had been on the way out for a while - but we just can't afford to replace it right now, so it looks like public transport for me for a few months).
  • Frantically call hubby to come get me (who was in midst of dropping kids off for first day of school), and he drives me home to get my lunch, and then to work.
  • Arrive 15 mins late - and not in a very good mood.
  • On my desk is an inter-office envelope, with a thank you from a colleague, containing chocolate! A lovely gesture, but not what a person about to embark on a 12 week body transformation challenge needs.
  • Unhealthy Me, thought 'Yeah! After the shitty morning I have had, I'm gonna scoff this, and make myself feel better.... but Healthy Me, said "Thanks, but No thanks", and immediately strolled out to the call centre and donated it to another colleague. That was the proudest part of my day today - I did not give in to emotional eating.
What I found interesting, intriguing and peculiar is the fact that before I left for work Michelle had sent us our next pre-season Challenge, which was to set our goals and make them S.M.A.R.T (Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Realistic, Time Based).
We were challenged to plan in 12 month, 6 month, 3 month and even 1 month blocks, and when setting our goals, it is just as crucial to plan out how I am going to achieve them, not just what my goals are.
And not just weight-loss goals, all goals.
So this very morning, I wrote down that one of my goals was to get a new car by 6 months.... Now if you know me, you know I believe in the Law of Attraction - so when the car went Kaput this morning I looked up to the Universe and screamed NOT YET!  Yes, I wonder if the universe's way of making me achieve my goal was to get rid of my old one first! Well it makes sense, it's definitely put the saving and searching into action.
So here I was, trying really hard to accept my new transport situation without getting myself down, and looking up to the sky saying "hey, if this is how it is, I have no idea where the money is coming from for this new car, I completely leave it in your hands... Show me the money!"
So I get to work, and ask my team leader if we can check our syndicate lotto ticket, because I need some money... and I really need something to go right today. I had a feeling we were going to win. There are 6 of us in our syndicate, and we buy a 5 week ticket.  We had won $18 on our first week, but due to holidays had not checked the last 4 weeks. 
Check week 2 - Nada
Check week 3 - Nothing
Check week 4 - Zilch
Check week 5 -  # 2 YES, # 9 YES, # 14 YES, # 22 YES (You are kidding), # 31 YES (OMFG)... #45?? Nup... BUT WE GOT 5 NUMBERS, DIVISION 5 - $1021 to share between 6. $173 closer to my new car!! Thanks Universe, only another $3000 or so required.  I'll look forward to the creative way you deliver.

Back on track tomorrow!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Lightbulb moment

Did you miss me?  From blogging everyday to no posts for 2 whole days... betcha thought... "Oh yeah, she's all talk...again! She's quit already".
But no!  I had a lightbulb moment...
Here I am telling you all about my goals, and in my head trying to figure out I can achieve them.  I only have a certain amount of free hours to put towards them, and here I was wasting an hour a day on my computer doing a blog... when I could use that hour to finish an assignment, or write a chapter of my novel... ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS MANDY!   Rather than talking (writing) about what you want to do... how about DOING it. Yep thats right Just Do It (no copyright infringement intended Nike).
Don't get me wrong, this blog is vitally important to the Journey - I need to be accountable to you, because if I'm honest with you, I can't trust myself - but I don't need to blog every single day. (Probably just as well, I was running out of good material)
So from now on I will blog only when I have something of interest to share.. It may still be daily in some cases, but it will be at least weekly, because I will need to share my weekly weigh ins.

Speaking of...  even though my official weigh isn't until Wednesday, I couldn't resist jumping on the scales this morning to to check it's heading in the right direction.   I am only 800 grams away from being in the 80's.. and I am gonna work my butt off (literally) over the next two days to ensure I get there by Wednesday.  So in honour of this, today's post will double as a tribute to the number 8.. because it's a special number, and so relevant to me right now!

Eight is the symbol of harmony and balance.
Eight symbolizes the ability to make decisions.
Eight symbolizes abundance and power.
Number eight is lucky for Capricorn (Hey that's Me!)
My Birthday added up = 8  6+1+1+9+7+2 = 26, 2+6=8
In the Tarot, eight is the card for Justice or Strength. 
The mathematical symbol for infinity is like an 8 on its side 
Infinity = No Limits. Endless time, space and Quantity...which represents the power we have to keep going in the direction of our goals.

Ok, before I go.. I just want to tell you about this week's exercise.

Burned a total of 3753 calories for the week!! Hit the 500 cal target every day, and today was the Super Session day where I gotta try and hit 1000! 2 laps around the lake, running a bit, mostly walking, stopping at the exercise equipment and doing some leg raises, tricep dips etc,  1 hour 45 minutes, Mission Accomplished!  And the Dog got his workout too!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Get Real

Michelle's pre-season challenge #2 is Get Real.
A great little (19 minute) pep talk video message, and some homework.
I have actually already done half of the homework in my Excuses excuses post a few days back, but she wants us to go even further and write down every excuse we can possibly think off (even ridiculous ones)... this could be interesting U.M. is very creative you know.

This task was actually available this morning, but I didn't have time this morning (excuse!), after the cat woke me up at 4.30 whining to go out  (excuse!)  I already knew deep inside that I wasn't getting up at 5.30 to exercise when the alarm went off, and lo and behold I was way too tired when it actually did  (excuse!) . When I did get up at 6.30 my body was too tired  (excuse!)  and I was really unmotivated  (excuse!)  and I had two episodes of Young and the Restless recorded, so I needed to clear at least one so as not to take up too much room on the MyStar box (pfffft - gee they are getting good now - excuse).  Running late for work now, almost not enough time to count the calories packed for lunch but I did, (Yay for small mercies).  
Ah well I'll have to check out Challenge #2 and exercise when I get home!
Left work a bit late  (excuse!) , had to stop for petrol  (excuse!) , got home later than usual  (excuse!) , my daughter has cooked dinner so I had better eat that first  (excuse!)  .... STOP!
Don't eat dinner now, because you will have to wait until it settles before you can exercise (the reason for the excuse). Not hungry just yet, will just check my emails before dinner... Oh Look an email from Michelle, Oh yeah Challege #2 ... Get Real!

Gulp!  20 minutes later, dinner is in the fridge for later, I'm in exercise gear, my youngest daughter and I are starting the Michelle Bridges Super Shredder Circuit exercise video.
Another 51 mins, a shitload of sweat, a dry-wretch or two later I have burned 516 calories and feel really proud of myself.

It would have been so easy to say, nah, don't have the energy  (excuse!) , everyone needs a rest day now and again  (excuse!)  , I have so many other things to do  (excuse!)  but THANK GOODNESS FOR MICHELLE BRIDGES!

...and you know what really made me get of my ass and do it?  I asked myself one question (H.M. asked U.M) .... What don't you want more?
Don't wanna exercise?  or
Don't wanna tell everyone next week that I gained weight, instead of losing?
You can guess what the answer was! Thanks for making me accountable.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

There's gotta be more to life...

I wouldn't blame you for thinking that this weightloss journey is all I am about.  
Granted, it is consuming almost every thought at the moment while I concentrate on getting it right, and making it permanent.... but there are other things in my life, and I have other goals and resolutions I have set.

#1. Giving up soft drink - I have told you that one already here.

#2. Taking my lunch break.  - I have an hour for lunch, and I rarely take even half of it. I end up eating at my desk, or taking only a 15 minute break. So I have decided that for my own health (stress levels etc) I need to force myself to take breaks.  I went to the shopping centre today and ran some errands in my lunch break, and I did feel very refreshed.  We have a staff gym at work, so with an hour break there is no reason I can't sneak in a 20 minute workout. Or even a nice stroll in the park, or take a book and catch up on my reading. We have a great staff cafeteria, so even just leaving the office to have my calorie controlled lunch with some workmates once a week would be an improvement. So any of you workmates reading this..lets make a lunch date!
#3. Put in a vege garden. - Not talented in this area, but I want to grow a few of my own veges. My girls are keen as well, so I better get researching how to do it.
#4. Go on a cruise - I did promise myself we would go on a cruise before the end of 2012. The Costa Concordia hasn't put me off (much), however the deal was that I couldn't go until I looked good in a bikini... Maybe early 2013 instead.

#5. Finish my course - I am lucky enough to be doing a government funded course through work. I'm doing Cert IV in Business, and I'm half way through.  I know it won't actually take me too long to knock off the rest, I just need to make the time and knuckle down and finish it.  Then I can start work on the Diploma!  Well why not, I'm getting qualifications and It's not costing me a cent.  I have until June 2013, but I want to get this in the bag by end of 2012, or mid 2012 (ideally).
#6 Finish writing - I have 4 different novels started, and none finished. I want to get one done, and If I don't get a publishing deal, I can publish it myself. Maybe I could tell the story like a weekly serial in a blog instead!. 

#7  Europe for my 50th birthday - This is the big one, the very top of my Bucket List. I stopped this from being a dream and I have started turning this into reality.  I have made detailed plans of where I want to go and what I want to do and it comes to a 106 day itinerary.  I will be eligible for long service leave by then, and if I save $50 a week until then, there will be more than enough. However I have my shorter 60  day version that I will be happy with if something doesn't go to plan. The kids will all be 18+, and Joe and I can head off guilt free and wander the globe. 
There are so many other things, but these are my top focus at the moment, some shorter term, some longer term, but all achievable if I work at it. All of these things are totally dependant on me, there is no luck or chance involved. If I want it then I have to do the work to get it.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

It's all about me

The thing about blogging is that it is all about 'Me'.  The pure nature of the blog, an online diary, is to write about yourself , your experiences and your feelings.  I have never been a "Look at me" person. I have always been the quiet achiever.
I always put everyone else first, my kids, my husband... I'll choose to go without the things I need, to give them what they want. I'm not complaining.. I choose it.  2012 however has been different, I have thrown myself a party, spent money on myself things for this journey, and haven't felt selfish doing so. My hubby and kids are happy that I am getting healthier, so they haven't minded what-so-ever and no one has gone without. It's just a really strange concept to me.. Putting myself first.

I don't know why, but I have always been this way.
My school reports would say, quiet, reliable, capable... could contribute more to group discussions.  
I was the kid in the class who whispered the witty one-liner, and the cool kid repeated it loud and proud and got all the glory.. and that was ok.
A painfully shy kid - I mean too scared to ask the teacher if i could go to the loo, so I would hold on and risk total humiliation if I couldn't - the shyness has stayed with me to a certain extent.
I'm ok with those who know me, but I am hard to get to know.
I actually believe I am a socio-phobic, as I have panic attacks when going to new places and meeting new people. It's not pretty, and I have to fight it when it happens.
So you'd think with that type of personality, I would want to blend into the wallpaper, have no one notice me... be invisible.
BUT ...deep down I hate being invisible.   I hate it when you do as much as everyone else and then be the only one to get forgotten off the thankyou list... and that has happened to me too many times to be a one off freak faux-pas.
Being Fat, means being invisible too. Logic would suggest that the bigger you are the more you are seen, but in fact the opposite is true.  Boys don't notice you when you are fat, shop assistants don't offer you service when you are fat, you don't get the job when you are fat ...you're INVISIBLE.   So try being shy and fat... 

So this is why me blogging is quite an achievement, I am saying "hey look at me".  

I am not sure whether it's turning 40, or if it's the weight loss so far, but I have found a new confidence lately, and I almost feel like I am oozing "Look at me"... and I quite like it.  i am slowly becoming less invisible.

I saw this little quote the other day in relation to the 12 week challenge:

It takes 4 weeks for you to notice your body changing, 
8 weeks for your friends to notice, and 
12 weeks for the rest of the world to notice
My friends are starting to notice my weight-loss, I'm getting a quite few "gee you're looking good"s,  a guy in the office took a double take because he didn't recognise me at first.  Hard for me to get used to, this not being invisible thing, but I intend to get very used to it, because this is only the beginning.
However word of warning friends and workmates. I am in this for the long haul, I'm fabulous and forty now, and there is no looking back, and there is no stopping me now.
I apologise in advance for the amount of times you will hear me saying "no I can't eat that", "no sorry I can't, I have my zumba class on Friday night", "How many calories does that have"  etc etc.  You will get sick of me telling you my weigh ins, and my calorie intake.... I'm sorry but this is me now, and as you will soon learn... It's all about me.

Oh and while we are talking about me - I just burned 578 calories at Zumba tonight!!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Pre-Season is finally here!

Ok, Day 1 PreSeason 12WBT.

Michelle wants us to...Introduce Ourselves to the other 12WBT on the forums. Done. Actually done weeks ago, but I did it again.  I have found that there are at least half a dozen other ladies doing this challenge from the neighbouring suburbs, so one of these days we'll organise a group training session.

Todays Exercise : 4 circuits of the Michelle Bridges Super Shredder Circuit DVD 243 calories burnt.

Todays Eating: 1179 out of 1200 calories...pretty damn good.
Tonight's Dinner
Other news: Woke up to rain, so didn't run the lake, chose another option. It was only spitting and cleared up so I could have gone... And anyway , I'm not made of sugar, so what if I get wet!  Didn't burn as many calories as required, so need to do more after this post....really don't feel like it, so that's more evidence that I should have done more this morning.
Back to work today, felt great seeing everyone, time went very slowly, I was hungry by 10am, but had taken great healthy snacks so I managed to get through. 
I did not crave anything, drank 2 bottles of water.

Best news of the day... I weighed in at 92.6 this morning! I know weighing everyday is not the best thing to do, but after being 93 exactly yesterday, I just had to see if I had got into the 92 point somethings.

Well enough avoidance... off to burn another 257 calories.  I'm thinking a Just Dance Wii Competition with my girls might be in order.
Just Danced 278 Calories off.  Isabella Whipped me in the game on most songs (do I need to mention she has played it a lot more than me) but I was concentrating on getting the heart rate up rather than the score.  It took 40 mins to burn 278 ( twice as long as running) but it was so much fun.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Facts and a piece of string.

A.K.A  the low down dirty truth.

I believe this is a task that we tackle in Pre-Season anyway, but I am back to work tomorrow, and today is my last chance to get organised before the kick off to PreSeason tomorrow.

Ok this is the hardest post so far... as far as being honest and owning up to the state my body is in. Time for the figures.
However painful this might be it is also necessary. I mean, if I don't draw a line in the sand, then how can I measure how far I go?

So, I have said before that my heaviest ever (excluding pregnancy) was 102kg (101.9 actually-but that's just splitting hairs) and that was around the time we arrived in Australia in 2006.
About 6 months ago, I had snuck back up to 99.9, and I was damned if I was going to back into triple digits.  My Workplace started a 10 week challenge to increase activity. That's when I started Zumba. My exercise increased, but my nutrition was still out of control.

These graphs below show my weight-loss since August, the first one looks more impressive because the 2nd one has an extended range to include my goal... seems so far away...Sigh.

Where am I at today?

Weight: 93kg
Waist: 99cm
Hips: 119cm
Upper Thigh:68cm
BMI: 31.8 Obese

I'm not sure if I am measuring correctly, (like exactly the right place - my belly is big and there was a lot of places to choose from, I went with directly over the belly button... and do I hold it tight or loose, breathe in or out) but hopefully Michelle will give me pointers on that as well. I have also taken my cousin Cyndi's advice, and measured my waist with string.  I will label it and put it away, and on those days when the scales are not moving, and I'm getting disheartened, I will take out the string and compare then and now.

While I am at it, I'm listing my mini goals.  If I look at the end goal, it seems to far away and too unachievable, so i have thought of as many mini-goals as I can, to celebrate each one achieved.

Alrighty then, All that remains  is to Hit the "Publish Post" button... If you are reading this, I had the courage to do so.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Hand-Me-Downs and other news

Its taken a while but I have finally uncovered one reason why it is good to be bigger than your mates... You get their hand-me-downs when you all lose weight!  
Thanks to Melissa and Cass losing weight, they have given me their clothes that are now too big, and because I have lost some too... I actually fit them!

When you are on a weight-loss journey, you do pit stops at all the sizes on the way, and it can be an expensive exercise replacing a wardrobe time after time for each size achieved. I don't intend on staying this size for long, so don't want to blow my budget buying new clothes, and having the hand-me-downs is such a blessing. 

So excited about wearing some of my 'new' clothes to work this week. It's inspired me to clear out my wardrobe too, and I have a few things that are simply too big now! Yay!.  So I am now on the lookout for someone who might want my cast-offs, size 18-20.

In other news, 2 more sleeps until pre-season starts. Did my Walk/Run around the lake again today, and knocked out 511 calories.

So far eating has been good too, and cooked one of Michelle's recipes for dinner....Hmmm, the kids ate it all, no complaints.
Michelle's BBQ'd Kebabs
Our overseas guests are on their flighy home, so it's now just a matter of getting back into routine, and planning the week ahead. Back to work Monday. Sigh, not looking forward to that!.

Also in regards to yesterdays post, I think MyFitnessPal has just trumped Calorie King as preferred Calorie Counter website... I did not know about the Barcode scanner feature!, you can scan a barcode of a food, and enter how many grams you ate, and Viola! Calories counted. I imagine not every product is in there, but I am yet to find one that isn't.  Cool as. 

Friday, January 13, 2012

Tools, Apps and all things Techno

Well I hit snooze twice this morning, but I eventually dragged my arse out of bed to go for my walk this morning... first time all week.  Why was today any different? Because I had my cool new toy and I wanted to try it out.  Thats right my Polar HRM arrived, and I took it on it's first test run.
As I was running 4 mins, walking 2 mins around the lake, I was thinking that it's so amazing what technology can do these days.

Here I was, with my iPhone keeping me going with sounds, an interval timer iPhone App telling me when to run, and when to walk, my HRM measuring my heart rate and calculating how many calories I'm burning. 
I might add, I was extremely happy with today's result - burning over 500 calories before breakfast!  how motivating is this little baby... H.M wanted to keep going just a little bit longer to see if we could hit 500, and we did!

Only 12 years ago we didn't even have our first home computer, and now I'm running with a mini computer on my armband.  Just amazing.
With the invention of FaceBook, I have an amazing support group from around the world, and have become so much closer to old friends even with an ocean between us, and some of us are now on this 12WBT journey together.  I can order products online and have the product delivered within days. My HRM was one example, ordered Monday night, arrived Wednesday. And as i typed this my Michelle Bridges DVD's have just arrived, ordered online on Wednesday!
I have a hand-me down iPhone, which I inherited when my husband upgraded his, and I have loved every second of it.  
I only download the Free Apps ( except Angry Birds! LOL) and I have a few to share with you here that you might find useful.

#1  Calorie King - my Calorie Counter of choice as it contains most Australian brands.  Nearly everything is in there... and if it's not, you can add it as long as you have the nutritional information on the back of the pack.  Supports the website www.calorieking.com.au 
#2 My Fitness Pal, I have this as a back up calorie counter and is used by a few of my friends, I like how it interacts with the iPhone app, so when I input on my phone, it updates on the web too.http://www.myfitnesspal.com/
#3  Ready Set Run is a beginning running programme brought to you by BUPA. Giving you day by day plans to build you up to your desired running length.

#4 Interval Timer - there were a few free ones to choose from and this one does the trick.  In conjunction with my running plan, I can set it up to run 4 mins, walk 2 mins (or whatever my plan requires) and a bell will ring to tell me to change.  This one will use music from my playlists too.

#5 Map My Run - This is cool, set your start and end points, and this App will show you on a Map where you ran, it will measure distance, and even the elevation of the route.Supported by the website http://www.mapmyrun.com/

#6 Body Fitness - A groovy little App with heaps of exercises, so you will never have an excuse not to exercise now!

other tools I will be using on this journey...
Michelle's Crunch Time & Cookbook in one, $25 from Big W
Set of 3 of Michelles DVDs only $35 from Big W

Facebook Group Pages

12WBT Forums.

2 days until preseason starts, all systems are go!

Thursday, January 12, 2012


So thanks to the wonderful ladies on the 12WBT forums, I now know some more of what I am in for with this challenge.

I will be allowed 1200 calories a day, and will need to try and burn off 500 a day doing exercise (not just walking from the couch to the fridge).
That 1200 will be split by 4, 300 for Breakfast, 300 for Lunch, 300 for Dinner, and 300 for snacks.

So even though Michelle will be providing me with meal plans and recipes, I'm also having a bit of a gander around the net to see what 300 calories can get me.

www.diet-blog.com  shows illustrations of meals between 300-400 calories
www.dailyspark.com goes one step further, and shows a comparison between what you can get on 300 calories compared to an unhealthier version.

here is a list of other sites with recipes under 300 calories 

Interesting huh,... when you consider a Hungry Jacks Double Whopper with Cheese (no fries or drink) is 1027 calories.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Excuses Excuses

Deep down inside me somewhere is the thin, fit, healthy me who is trying to fight her way out. Unfortunately for the past 30 years, she has been overpowered by the "not healthy me" who is self-conscious, sad, lost and used food and hibernation to protect me from the outside world. The healthy me is now ready to come to the front and take her rightful place in this world. It's time to convince the unhealthy me that it's time for her to retire! 
So beware the split personality in this post... Here are Unhealthy Me's top 5 excuses for why I don't exercise, and Healthy Me's reasons why they are all BullSh*t :
  1. I Don't have enough time.... a.k.a I'm to busy!  So experts say 20 mins a day is all you need.. 20 mins! And I can't find 20 mins in my day?. Sure I work fulltime, but I find time to watch Young & the Restless, I spend way more time on Facebook than 20 mins a day. If I dropped a silly 'Ville game out of my day I would have more than 20 mins. If I stop sitting in front of the TV watching sitcoms or movies every night , I could go to bed earlier, and then get up an hour early every day if I want to, so don't use that excuse, cos it won't fly.
  2. I'm too tired ... Fatigue can actually be caused by a sedentary lifestyle. Exercise helps jump start the body. When you exercise, you are releasing endorphins and getting the circulation going. Experts at California State University found that just 10 minutes of brisk walking can give you 2 hours of increased energy. So it's not tiredness that's stopping you, it's laziness
  3. My Body Hurts... well Duh! You haven't looked after it so what do you expect. Exercise will strengthen the muscles that support the skeleton, it will eliminate the fat that the poor skeleton is lugging around all day.  The muscles that hurt after exercise will recover, they are only hurting because they haven't been used and are adapting to the new regime. If you keep it up, this pain will decrease overtime. Don't use this as an excuse to stop, or you have to go through it all again when you start again, and you know you will. Instead of quitting use stretching, heat packs and massage to assist the muscles to recover. Pain is temporary ; Pride is forever.
  4. I don't like exercise , its boring... I have already discovered that this is no longer true.  I love Zumba! Finding some sort of activity that you do enjoy makes exercise feel more like a treat than a chore. Anyway regardless, no one ever said that exercise had to be fun. Its a necessity if you want to achieve your goals. I don't want to go to work sometimes either, but its necessary to get paid...Same principle. Cut through the boredom..Switch up your training routines, Train with a friend to catch up on the gossip, invest in an Ipod to listen to music or even audio-books while you walk or run. It doesn't have to be boring - That is a poor excuse.
  5. I don't know how to exercise properly, and I can't afford a trainer.... Oh a double whammy... (she's putting up a fight folks). Well number #1, the 12WBT is already paid for and Michelle Bridges will tell you what to do, but in general terms that excuse is also as pathetic as the others. There are millions of exercise tips on the internet (605,000,000 in fact - I just googled it!), you can easily access training plans if you want to. You live a 2min walk from $5 bootcamps in the park... and don't tell me you can't find $5, do I need to remind you of the chocolate bars from the vending machine at work?  You already have Wii workouts, and DVD workouts, and you live by a lake with a walking track and community exercise machines. Your workplace has a FREE employee gym, and provides free lunchtime workouts with a Personal trainer twice a week. The Gold Coast Council provides an Active and Healthy Program with tons of free or low cost activities.  I know the budget is always tight, but our health is important, and we need to factor these things in and make it work.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Gearing Up

Well folks, the 12WBT Preseason starts in one week.
I will need to count my calorie intake, and count my calories burned to make sure there is a deficit in order to lose weight. To lose weight and burn those calories, I need to raise my heart rate, the higher I raise it, the more I burn.
Last night I made my first purchase of an essential tool to help me with my goal, my POLAR Heart Rate Monitor.  
Polar FT4 in Pink
This little baby will display my Heart Rate (BPM) and calculates the target heart rate zones, records the maximum and average heart rate during training, and calculates the amount of calories expended in a training session.
With weight loss as my goal,  a heart rate monitor can make sure I'm exercising at a level that targets fat burning. 
To start with, for best results, I should work out in a target heart rate zone that is between 50 and 70% of my maximum heart rate for between 30 to 60 minutes, 3 to 7 days per week.
There were cheap HRM's out there, but I have learned from past mistakes to buy one quality item, rather than a cheap one that doesn't really do the job.  The POLAR brand seems to be the HRM of choice, this little baby retails for $139.99, and because I am doing the 12WBT I got it online for 20% off, paying only $103 with free delivery.  It gets even better, as I was gifted $40 for my birthday to put towards this purchase so it really only cost me $63, and I am super-duper happy with that.  My lovely friend, who shall remain nameless here, presented me the cash in a card with the following message.
"To celebrate you being fit, fab and forty, we'd like to become official shareholders in your fitness quest during 2012. We are purchasing 40 shares in your 40 quest as we have faith that you are going to knock this year out of the park! Here's to a brilliant year for you! (and new shoes, heart rate monitor...what ever you choose to invest in)."
Old Faithfuls
Next up, New shoes.  I used to buy cheapies, that lasted a 6 months before falling apart, but about 4 years ago, I finally wised up and spent a decent amount of money on shoes from the Athletes Foot, and not only were the most comfortable walking/running shoes, they are still intact.  Well worth buying a decent brand, and spending 4 x the money, because they have lasted 8 x the time.  They are still going strong, however I think they are past their best, and I need a new pair for full support (especially for these 40 year old knees).   Lots of sales on at the moment so the perfect time for a bargain, however I might also continue the online shopping on www.eastbay.com, we bought my hubby's shoe on there, saved over $100 compared to the Aussie retailers, and they were delivered within 3 days. 

Monday, January 9, 2012

Don't eat your feelings

Well it's easier said than done.
As I type this, my husband is in surgery, and I am sitting here waiting for the call to say he's in recovery.  The girls and I went shopping to pass the time while we wait, and that was a bad idea.

#1 I had McDonalds for Lunch
#2 I have blown my New Years resolution, and had fizzy drink.
#3 I have just sat down with a box of chocolates.

Why does stress cause me to eat bad things? Is it that the worry and stress is occupying the brain so it doesn't make wise decisions?  or is it the chemical release I get from certain 'BAD' foods that calm me down?  Or is it because I just don't care about anything else while I am worried about someone I care about?

I think that humans have been training themselves to emotionally eat for decades.  What happened when you were a kid and went to the Doctor for your shots? It hurt, you cried, they gave you a lolly and told you it would make you feel better!  And it did. 
I can attribute my two biggest weight gains in history to my two biggest traumas in life.
Our brains have been trained to believe that sweet or fatty foods will numb the pain, and to a certain extent it does, but it doesn't last long, and then not only does the original pain return, but it's accompanied by the guilt of the binge. I will be looking to learn new techniques to prevent this happening again.
Well I am still waiting on the call, and hoping that typing will stop me eating everything in the house.


He's okay! He was delayed going in, it was a more complicated procedure than previously thought so took longer (It was complete knee reconstruction before, not sure how that gets more complex).
Still not out of the woods, (due to other health complications) but we can definitely see the road to recovery.

Here is my lesson for today.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Party, Party, Party

I am not a big drinker, I've always said I was a cheap date, one drink and I'm anybody's.... so I was a bit apprehensive about throwing a 40th Birthday Party, a cocktail party at that!

Not a lot to say except, I think the diet went out the window, I managed to stay standing after a mojito, a pina colada or three, and a lot of Sangria.  The night was shared with some awesome friends, and I felt very loved, and very special. I'll let the Pictures do the talking.  Thanks to my amazing cousin Melissa for taking them. 
Oh and I woke up fresh as a daisy.. 40 must be good for me!