Thursday, January 5, 2012

Fail to Plan? Then Plan to Fail.

Our Overseas guests have arrived, My two weeks annual leave has started, now the challenge to find time to exercise, and eat the correct things really begins.

Got up at 5am, for a walk around the lake with Mel. Now on with the day.

We will be spending today at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, which luckily means quite a bit of walking around, but it also means I have the dilemma of what to eat.

The old me would have probably headed of without breakfast, and then just had a plate of wedges or something when I got really hungry, grabbed a bag of chips, a coke and a choc bar when really started to fade, then after a fun day out I would've said to my husband, "I'm too exhausted to organise dinner, how about we drive through Macca's on the way home".
As pathetic as it sounds, it is accurate... and freaking expensive! 

Where I fall down is my failure to plan in advance.  When I haven't organised and already made definite decision as to what will be going in my mouth, I choose whatever is around, which is generally high in fat, low in nutrients, and expensive because I am paying someone else to prepare it for me.  Yes that is right, paying someone to feed me crap... all because I was too unorganised.

The new me however has planned for our day out.
  • I have packed my water bottle.
  • I have made a Quinoa Salad, and packed 9 forks.
  • I have made some mini fruit salads to share.
  • I have snaplock bags containing rice crackers.
  • And because we will have 5 children on today's adventure, I have packed a 6 pack of juices.
We have all had a good breakfast before heading out, and I have set up the Slow cooker to be ready when we get home.

Now I am planning to Succeed!  FAIL is not a word I am allowing in my vocabulary today.

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