Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Facts and a piece of string.

A.K.A  the low down dirty truth.

I believe this is a task that we tackle in Pre-Season anyway, but I am back to work tomorrow, and today is my last chance to get organised before the kick off to PreSeason tomorrow.

Ok this is the hardest post so far... as far as being honest and owning up to the state my body is in. Time for the figures.
However painful this might be it is also necessary. I mean, if I don't draw a line in the sand, then how can I measure how far I go?

So, I have said before that my heaviest ever (excluding pregnancy) was 102kg (101.9 actually-but that's just splitting hairs) and that was around the time we arrived in Australia in 2006.
About 6 months ago, I had snuck back up to 99.9, and I was damned if I was going to back into triple digits.  My Workplace started a 10 week challenge to increase activity. That's when I started Zumba. My exercise increased, but my nutrition was still out of control.

These graphs below show my weight-loss since August, the first one looks more impressive because the 2nd one has an extended range to include my goal... seems so far away...Sigh.

Where am I at today?

Weight: 93kg
Waist: 99cm
Hips: 119cm
Upper Thigh:68cm
BMI: 31.8 Obese

I'm not sure if I am measuring correctly, (like exactly the right place - my belly is big and there was a lot of places to choose from, I went with directly over the belly button... and do I hold it tight or loose, breathe in or out) but hopefully Michelle will give me pointers on that as well. I have also taken my cousin Cyndi's advice, and measured my waist with string.  I will label it and put it away, and on those days when the scales are not moving, and I'm getting disheartened, I will take out the string and compare then and now.

While I am at it, I'm listing my mini goals.  If I look at the end goal, it seems to far away and too unachievable, so i have thought of as many mini-goals as I can, to celebrate each one achieved.

Alrighty then, All that remains  is to Hit the "Publish Post" button... If you are reading this, I had the courage to do so.


Justine Aston said...

Mandy, all I can say is well done you! Often reality bites, but equally, it motivates, and the important part is done - focus on a goal, and celebrate every milestone (or milegram depending on the scales!)along the journey.
After reading your blogs of late, you are truly committed and honest, and that inspires. Don't forget to "enjoy" the ride too :) Will tune in later to see how you are going. Justine xx

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Thanks for being brave enough to share. I have no doubt you'll achieve everything you've set out to! xx. Beck

Anonymous said...

Love the string idea, could be very motivational when things aren't going to plan! Thanks for posting and yes, we are all in the same boat. Some, like yourself, are just braver about sharing than others (me!). With the focus and goals you have clearly set out, you'll have no problems at all getting there. Nicky :)

Mandy said...

**tears** Thanks Guys, It was harder to click that 'publish' button than I had anticipated but I'm serious this time, so I need to be accountable.

Jane said...

Love the string idea, I will be pinching that one thanks Mandy. Mine will be going up on my blog in the next few days too Mandy. We are in it together and I am sure that having it out there where others can see it will only motivate us more to make sure that we achieve our goals! We can do it!

~Whirlsie~ said...

Good on you for owning it all!

It's so hard to be honest with yourself. I love your spreadsheets! You have some great goals in there!

Anonymous said...

When we were growing up, I always wanted to be like you Mandy - you were beautiful, caring, friendly, and had the most awesome personality!

Now you're 40 and I'm almost there. School seems like a lifetime ago.

I've been reading your blogs because I'm in the same boat - and still trying to grab that paddle!

Now, you're not only beautiful, caring, friendly, and have the most awesome personality - you're also very inspiring!

Thank you for being brave - and for just being you. One day I might be brave enough to do what you're doing too. Until then, I will just follow your lead!

Denise xxxx :o)