Monday, January 30, 2012


Wow... PreSeason task 4, Say it out Loud!
Easy right? I mean, I've been doing this blog, I think by now everyone knows I am doing this challenge.... but Michelle's instructions are to make personal commitments to our loved ones, Write it down, Say it out Loud, Shake on it... and it's harder than you think.

  • I commit to doing everything that Michelle tells me to
  • I commit to training 6 days a week
  • I commit to following the eating plan.  
  • I commit to lose at least 10kg during this challenge
.... but those are just the tip of the iceberg.

So below there is a video blog, .. I have spoken these words in person to my Husband and Daughters, and made promises while looking in their eyes, but here it  is for everyone else. 
Warning! If you watch this video, you will see tears.


The Year to Achieve Results said...

Mandy, do not apologise for the tears as it just goes to show that this means so much to you...I am sure that you are going to achieve all that you set out to achieve....I look forward to seeing your results...and hopefully I can also be there for you if you should ever need it....good luck with it all..

Tina said...

Wow Mandy, you brought tears to my eyes also:( I am very proud of you for making this video and i can see this challenge means alot to you too.
I would love to keep in contact with you on this journey and help support one another. My 12wbt forum name is tobefit. Good luck!!! xx

Marnie G said...

Awesome! I can see the honesty and openness in your eyes. Can't wait to follow your journey!

Mel76 said...

My dear friend, you had no reason to apologize for your tears. You made me cry & touched my heart with your honesty & commitment. I LOVE you lots & know you will succeed in this challenge & making this a life style change forever. I am PROUD of you & I am here to fully support you & good luck with your 10km run you will KICK ass sweets xoxo