Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I've gone through this cold miserable winter and have not made any progress on my weight or exercise goals.
While I am disappointed in myself, and used winter as an excuse, it really has been a big factor in my lapse.  I still have the dregs of a cold, and a cough that will not quit! 
However in the past few days, the weather has been absolutely beautiful, and it really feels like winter is over... even though its not officially over until Saturday. 

So Spring's arrival will mean a fresh start.
a group of us 12WBTers who are not re-signing up again (well really after the effort of the past twelve weeks, I wasn't going to let myself sign up again), anyway a group of us are setting ourselves challenges and monitoring our intake and exercise, and hopefully helping each other to stay on track.

However I do have one little obstacle to overcome... I am going on a Cruise on Saturday. Its a 3 nighter, and I won it in a competition, and I am soooo excited, but you know what everyone says about cruises...You come back 5 kgs heavier!

So I fully intend to make good use of the gym, and jogging track,.... and the smorgasbord, and everything will start when we get back. 

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Courage, Dreams and Destiny

This post might also be called "My Ramblings" and I apologise in advance, but I had something to get off my chest.

I believe we all have a purpose in life, the reason we're here, the Universe's design for us.  I also believe that as a soul, WE decide on our quest. Before we come to this earth we chose the theme our life will take, this time, last time, next time, every time.
When we arrive here, we are a-new, we've forgotten 'the plan', and it is our purpose in life to find it again. 
Depending on how advanced our soul is, the plan can be simple, or it can be multi-faceted, complex and testing. 
While we search for our plan - our destiny - we can feel lost and unfulfilled, with a knowing that there is more to this life. We could have a yearning, a dream, that we know in our heart and soul that THIS is what I am meant to be.  Problem is many of us get to middle age (Yes I am talking about myself now) and have not followed the plan. We have wandered aimlessly, we have not committed, we have wasted opportunities. We feel like we've been robbed, like somehow we've missed out, and it's too late to ever get there.
I believe I know what my plan is, and despite 'knowing' for a very long time, I am yet to arrive at that destiny. I have blamed circumstances, I have always put others needs before my own, I have always procrastinated, and I have always remained a dreamer. 

I have asked myself this question many, many times, and what it comes down to is ......
Despite the 'Fearless' in the title of my blog (this was named at the start of the mid-life crisis), I have always been the kind of person who didn't want to try something new unless I already knew that I could do it - Afraid of Failure, Afraid of trying.

Case in point: When I was a kid we were on a visit with friends on a farm. My parents wanted me to try to ride a kids motorbike with the other kids. I didn't think I could do it, the machine seemed unpredictable, I was scared of falling, or being hurt, or not being able to control it.  So I used every trick in the book to avoid it, to convince everybody that #1 I didn't want to #2 I wasn't interested #3 I didn't mind not being part of the fun - so I sat there on the sidelines, staunch, and watched everyone else have the time of their lives. What a fool.

Just last week at work we had some Leadership training, and one of our Senior Vice Presidents came to speak to our group.  He spoke about the qualities he thought made a good leader. Among the List... was Courage, and it started this train of thought.

I'm not sure if I ever want to be a leader at work, but in my personal life, as a role model to my kids, and to lead myself to success, I need to find that same courage.
He spoke candidly about his life, growing up as a privileged white kid in South Africa, not understanding or realising apartheid existed. When he reached university, and began to see his country and it's politics for what it was, he realised that could no longer accept it. Eventually he packed up his wife and new baby, left a very good career, and moved to another country. He was down to $50 in the bank before he landed a job in Canada, and it was a really scary time. He was courageous. He took a leap of faith and he looked fear in the face and did what felt right in his heart. 
I related with his story. 
We also had the courage to pack up a young family and move across and ocean, and start again. Like him, we had pretty strong motivation to leave certain elements of our lives behind, but that doesn't make it any less scary to leave behind the stability of a home, jobs and family support. We had the courage to do that, and survived. 

More recently, I have had the courage to leave a job that I had been comfortable doing for years, but had come to feel bored and unfulfilled, and to try something new.  6 months in, I have realised that this is definitely NOT the direction I want to be going, but it has made me focus on what I do want, what my strengths are, and what feels right.  It may be a while before I can move in that direction but at least I am now facing the right way. If I had stayed where I was, I might not ever have known. 

On a smaller scale I have had the courage to try things new, Zumba, 10km runs.... both things that I couldn't do when I started, and that required courage, and now achieved... and check out the countdown for 'The Stampede'.

So I need to reassess what else I have been putting off, and what I might now have courage to do, what is that is holding me back from achieving my dreams.

Speaking of dreams, I had an interesting dream last night. I was in a highrise in Surfers Paradise with my husband, and Cass and John.  We were on the 6th floor, and watching out the window when we could see a Tsunami coming. We held on tight as the wall of water hit the building, but we were safe on our floor... but it was really scary. After the water went down, we ran through the streets trying to get to our children which we knew were on higher ground elsewhere. We ran towards the local RSL or Surf Club, and I turned to look around and lost sight of the others. I was alone. I found the side entrance to the club but the steps where in a spiral, and the steps were too small for my feet, and I kept slipping off. I could not climb the steps no matter how I tried. 
I wasn't distressed, just frustrated.

Weirdly,  My husband also had a dream last night involving stairs. He knew our girls were in trouble, and was trying to get to them, but he couldn't get down the stairs. The stairs were never ending, and he was getting distressed.

Interesting huh?

Having a look at the Dream Dictionary, it's intriguing. Basically, Tidal waves often appear in our dreams when are under a lot of pressure or when significant change is occurring.  If your dream contains a set of stairs then this indicates that you are starting to move towards some clear goals.To see spiral or winding stairs signify growth and/or rebirth.... Interesting how I couldn't climb them. 
Six (6th floor) is indicative of cooperation, balance, tranquility, perfection, warmth, union, marriage, family, and love. Your mental, emotional, and spiritual states are in harmony.

Gives me hope, and courage. 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Glorious Gold Coast

I've been lucky enough to have lived on the 'Gold Coast' of Australia for the past 6 years, and while I still love my home town of Tauranga, NZ... the Gold Coast is just such an awesome place to be, especially for someone who is trying to be more Active and Healthy.

Take this weekend for example, It's August 11 & 12, officially winter. It's not spring for another 3 weeks, but the sunshine is out, and families all over the coast are out and about.... including us.

We started with Park Run, my daughter and I went along to a new venue closer to home in Coomera.  Nice location, but the course involved some hills... eeek!  Still we did our 5km timed run at 7am, and the weekend was off to a great start. 

Saturday was also 'sign on' day for our girls at their local Athletics club.  They have been going to Little Athletics for 3 years, and had a lot of success.
The Helensvale Little Athletics club had an open day, for kids to come and have a try at shot put or Long jump etc, and sign up for this season, which starts on Friday.
My girls are super proud of their club, one of the reasons being that Olympic Gold Medallist Sally Pearson went to their club as a girl.  My 12 year old is even more impressed as Sally also went to her High School, and through the same Sports Excellence Program that she is attending.
In fact, because the Gold Coast is such an amazing place to be active, it is the training base of many other London 2012 medallists, including kayakers Tate Smith and Jacob Clear (Gold Medal K4 1000m), Matt Belcher Gold Medal winning sailor, 16 year old Diving Silver Medallist Brittany Broben, and Gold & Silver Medal winning swimmer Melanie Schlanger...  and Swimmer, World Record holder Sun Yang (Representing China) also chooses the Gold Coast as his training base. 
With the Gold Coast winning the bid to host the 2018 Commonwealth Games, the city is a buzz with excitement, and potential.  I wonder how many Helensvale Little Athletes will be representing in 2018... I know it would be a dream come true for my two.
Sally Pearson - a huge inspiration for my girls

After a busy day at sign on, we took our dog for a walk around the lovely man-made lake that we are lucky enough to live by.  My youngest daughter is constantly, and I mean C-O-N-S-T-A-N-T-L-Y doing handstands and cartwheels, so I took some fun photos of our afternoon in the sun.

My Daughter having fun in the sun

Parks like these are all over the coast. Plenty of outdoor fun to be had, and lots of opportunity for free family activity. 

Free Excercise Equipment
Kayak anyone?

Sunday, we headed out to the Southport Broadwater Parklands where the Gold Coast Council was hosting a free family fun day promoting their Active and Healthy programme. Each year the council provides a booklet (downloadable from the link) full of free or low coast family activities.  We have booked in for free orientation and archery in the Gold Coast Hinterland, for a Kayaking tour to wavebreak island for $5, for Stand Up Paddleboarding for $10, plus diarised for the many activities where bookings are not required. 
Today's family fun day also included a free 30 minute Zumba class by none other than my favourite Instructor Kassy! My daughter got to the top of the Rock Climbing wall, and they had a whale of a time at the Jumping pillow!

Zumba Kass motivates the Gold Coast public

My Daughter tackles the Climbing wall
Woo Hoo!  And its a permanent fixture
So while visitors come from all over to visit the Gold Coast, and cram in the Theme Parks, Zoo's and beaches into their stay, this is how local Gold Coaster's spend a winter weekend... Can you imagine what a summer weekend is like?! Bring it on, I can't wait.

Friday, August 3, 2012

I'm So Lucky

I've been having a little 'feel sorry for myself', stamp my feet cos "It's not Fair" moment, brought on by the fact that some lucky buggar won the $50Million PowerBall lotto last night...and it wasn't me.

I'm driving around in an old dunger of a car, my bank balance is pathetic, we'll probably never own our own house again, I am trying to raise a family on a single salary, my husband, and daughters have health issues, and sometimes it all just feels too much... It's not fair! When is it our turn to have some good luck.

Then I saw this post on Facebook...
It done stood up and slapped me in the face!  Of course I'm not Unlucky, I don't have to sleep on the streets.

I've been trying to practise the principles of the Law of Attraction, and feel like I have been putting in my order to the Universe, practising gratitude daily on The Grateful List but I'm not sure I really 'got it' until tonight.

I was parked next to my dream car tonight, not some sporty unrealistic car, but my favourite... what I wish I drove, a white BMW X5 (or Audi q7 - I'm not fussy), and I went through the little bargaining, with the Universe,  in my head.

"We really need a new car, I think I am a good person, surely you can see your way to make this happen for us?  That car is top of my list of things I want...."
and I stopped in my tracks! 

The penny dropped...You idiot... No it's not.

The top 5 of 'What you really want', in order of most importance is:

  1. For my husband to be healthy again
  2. For my children to grow to old age, with a full life of adventure, achievements, love and sensible decisions.
  3. to always have a roof over my head, and food on the fridge.
  4. to stay happy and healthy myself
  5. to travel and see the parts of the world that I have always dreamt of.
A BMW doesn't even register in the big picture.... and this little realisation reminded me of the picture above, and...
PING! Light Bulb Moment.
"Don't complain about your life because you don't have the car or house that you wanted... being unlucky means something else."

I am lucky.
I am lucky to have a husband who adores me.
I am lucky that he has survived some serious close calls, and lived to tell the tale.
I am lucky that my daughters only have a bone disease, and not something that threatens their life on a daily basis.
I am lucky to have given birth to 3 healthy babies.
I am lucky that all my children are smart, and doing well, and get a free education.
I am lucky that we live in a nice 4 bedroom house, near a lake, with water, electricity, and plenty of food.
I am lucky that I have transport.
I am lucky that I have a good job (I may not be enjoying it right now but..) 
I am lucky that I work for an great company with amazing opportunities.
I am lucky that I have wonderful friends that really care about me.
I am lucky to have been born in a wonderful country, and I am lucky that I get to live in another equally wonderful country.
I am lucky to have two arms, legs, eyes and ears that do what they were designed to do.
I am lucky to have loved and lost, so that I learned to appreciate what I have.
I am lucky to have been raised by two loving parents, who demonstrated commitment, taught us values, and showed us how to laugh as a family.
I am lucky to have realised that I don't need riches to feel rich. I have all the riches I need in what is listed above, and more.
Message received, Universe, Loud and Clear.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I'll spread my wings, and I'll learn how to fly
I'll do what it takes till I touch the sky
And I'll make a wish
Take a chance
Make a change
And breakaway 
Kelly Clarkson

Well peeps, I'm taking a well deserved week off from work... apparently it's well deserved, so my workmates say... I'm just pleased to be away from that desk -  for 9 whole days it's somebody else's problem.

Anyway I managed to get a last minute timeshare week , 2bedroom apartment at Boambee Beach Resort for $199 (perks of the industry  suppose) and on Saturday we packed up the car and headed off on the 4 hour drive to Coffs Harbour. We couldn't stay the whole week, but decided a long weekend would be enough.

On arrival, I was impressed with the resort. The apartment was roomy, clean, with everything we needed... including the spa bath!
After a quick trip to the local Toormina shopping centre for supplies, followed by a twilight explore of the resort facilities, we settled in to watch the the first night of Olympic competition. 

I got up early-ish (we are on holidays after all) and went for a run, and found myself exploring the picturesque Boambee Creek Reserve.  After breakfast, we headed off to the Coffs Markets, 3 lots on a Sunday.  Not the best markets I have seen, but we did discover Dutch Caramel Waffles... Yum!

At the Jetty Foreshore Markets, Coffs Coast Camels were doing Camel rides for $10, and when Isabella asked if she could have one, I decided that I would too... It was on my Bucket List, and I always imagined doing it somewhere exotic overseas, but I thought... Why not here? Why not now? and why not share it with my daughter. She was quite thrilled to do something special with Mum, and I was quite thrilled that I wasn't worried about being too heavy for them.

After the Markets we went to the Plantation Hotel for $8 lunches, followed by a Baskin Robins Waffle cone, before lumbering back to the resort for a swim.
Trying out my new swimsuit, the pool was heated but still cold, and the spa was warm, but after a while I braved the cold water and did lots of laps.  Another family joined us in the spa, and my husband whispered to me "how does it feel to not be the fat one anymore?".... it felt bloody awesome!

Day 2 we hit our favourite Coffs Harbour attraction, the Pet Porpoise Pool.  Its a small place, but you interact directly with the dolphins. The Dolphins choose to interact with you.  After the show, we just hung around and watched them play, and one dolphin brought his ball to my daughter and threw it at her, wanting to play catch. We stood for the next hour playing ball with Zippy... one of the most rewarding experiences ever.  The girls had been before when they were younger, but I am pleased we took them back now they are older so they can remember it.

The best thing about this holiday for me, was that I got involved.  Rather than sitting on the sidelines watching my family experience things... I WAS DOING IT.  I ran, I swam, I played Tennis, I played basketball, I played Mini Golf, I rode a Camel, I played with a dolphin... and unfortunately I ate a lot of bad food... but that is a different story.