Monday, January 23, 2012

Day of Mixed Fortune

Not sure if it was the Chinese New Year changing into the year of the Dragon, or the New Moon but today was  one of those days, you know... one of those days when you wish you had just stayed in bed!

I had the perfect day all planned out, as follows :

My Healthy Lunch that I forgot
Alarm set for 5.30am
Walk/Run around the Lake 6-7am
Breakfast, Shower, ready for work, leave 8am
Pack my gym gear for a lunchtime mini workout
Lunch already made the night before
Start work 9am
Come home  and settle in to watch the Biggest Loser on telly.

How the day ACTUALLY turned out, 

  • Alarm went off at 5.30, turned it off, and somehow fell back asleep before my feet hit the floor
  • Woke up 6.45 - Arghh missed my run, need to figure out how to burn 500cals some other way. Get ready, Pack my gym gear
  • Leave on time
  • Half way to work, realise I missed breakfast, and forgotten lunch 
  • text work to warn I will be late
  • turn car around
  • half way home... car gives up (he had been on the way out for a while - but we just can't afford to replace it right now, so it looks like public transport for me for a few months).
  • Frantically call hubby to come get me (who was in midst of dropping kids off for first day of school), and he drives me home to get my lunch, and then to work.
  • Arrive 15 mins late - and not in a very good mood.
  • On my desk is an inter-office envelope, with a thank you from a colleague, containing chocolate! A lovely gesture, but not what a person about to embark on a 12 week body transformation challenge needs.
  • Unhealthy Me, thought 'Yeah! After the shitty morning I have had, I'm gonna scoff this, and make myself feel better.... but Healthy Me, said "Thanks, but No thanks", and immediately strolled out to the call centre and donated it to another colleague. That was the proudest part of my day today - I did not give in to emotional eating.
What I found interesting, intriguing and peculiar is the fact that before I left for work Michelle had sent us our next pre-season Challenge, which was to set our goals and make them S.M.A.R.T (Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Realistic, Time Based).
We were challenged to plan in 12 month, 6 month, 3 month and even 1 month blocks, and when setting our goals, it is just as crucial to plan out how I am going to achieve them, not just what my goals are.
And not just weight-loss goals, all goals.
So this very morning, I wrote down that one of my goals was to get a new car by 6 months.... Now if you know me, you know I believe in the Law of Attraction - so when the car went Kaput this morning I looked up to the Universe and screamed NOT YET!  Yes, I wonder if the universe's way of making me achieve my goal was to get rid of my old one first! Well it makes sense, it's definitely put the saving and searching into action.
So here I was, trying really hard to accept my new transport situation without getting myself down, and looking up to the sky saying "hey, if this is how it is, I have no idea where the money is coming from for this new car, I completely leave it in your hands... Show me the money!"
So I get to work, and ask my team leader if we can check our syndicate lotto ticket, because I need some money... and I really need something to go right today. I had a feeling we were going to win. There are 6 of us in our syndicate, and we buy a 5 week ticket.  We had won $18 on our first week, but due to holidays had not checked the last 4 weeks. 
Check week 2 - Nada
Check week 3 - Nothing
Check week 4 - Zilch
Check week 5 -  # 2 YES, # 9 YES, # 14 YES, # 22 YES (You are kidding), # 31 YES (OMFG)... #45?? Nup... BUT WE GOT 5 NUMBERS, DIVISION 5 - $1021 to share between 6. $173 closer to my new car!! Thanks Universe, only another $3000 or so required.  I'll look forward to the creative way you deliver.

Back on track tomorrow!


Cujo said...

What a crazy day! Big congratulations on dodging the chocolate bar - not sure I'd have managed to do the same. Good luck car hunting!

dhits77 - said...

Wow! So many things happened to you in just one day, you could this one into a screenplay, I reckon! Well done you for saying no to that choc bar and hope the universe opens the way for a new car!

Jane said...

Certainly a huge Day! Well done on ditching the chocolate and going back for your lunch AND your winnings in lotto!