Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Marathon Effort

I'm kidding ...Right?
I don't really think I can run a Marathon yet...Do I?
Nah, you are right...I don't.  But I did have a Fun Run/Marathon of some sort on my Bucket List, and it is one thing that I really thought I would never cross off. 

I can, however, work towards a 5km or 10km Run at this years Gold Coast Marathon on June 30 2012.  I'm thinking of doing 4km or 8km on May 13, 2012 in the Mother's Day Classic

Did I really just say that....out loud!

Cass (I told you about her yesterday) has convinced me that I will be able to achieve this Goal, so I am officially starting the 20 week Training Programme.  I have a running programme to follow. It starts with interval training, run 4mins, walk 2mins (x 4) and slowly increases each week until I can run 10km. It's called the 'Beginner 10K Training Programme' so if I follow it, and then can't do the 10km route at the GCMarathon, then I'm suing for false advertising .

I am going to get up at 5am tomorrow morning and start Day 1... Baby steps.
It'll be real when I have officially entered, but I actually think I can do this.  Me saying that in the first place is a miracle, only a few days ago I was still thinking Cass had rocks in her head.

There...I have written it down, I am now accountable to you.

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