Thursday, January 19, 2012

Get Real

Michelle's pre-season challenge #2 is Get Real.
A great little (19 minute) pep talk video message, and some homework.
I have actually already done half of the homework in my Excuses excuses post a few days back, but she wants us to go even further and write down every excuse we can possibly think off (even ridiculous ones)... this could be interesting U.M. is very creative you know.

This task was actually available this morning, but I didn't have time this morning (excuse!), after the cat woke me up at 4.30 whining to go out  (excuse!)  I already knew deep inside that I wasn't getting up at 5.30 to exercise when the alarm went off, and lo and behold I was way too tired when it actually did  (excuse!) . When I did get up at 6.30 my body was too tired  (excuse!)  and I was really unmotivated  (excuse!)  and I had two episodes of Young and the Restless recorded, so I needed to clear at least one so as not to take up too much room on the MyStar box (pfffft - gee they are getting good now - excuse).  Running late for work now, almost not enough time to count the calories packed for lunch but I did, (Yay for small mercies).  
Ah well I'll have to check out Challenge #2 and exercise when I get home!
Left work a bit late  (excuse!) , had to stop for petrol  (excuse!) , got home later than usual  (excuse!) , my daughter has cooked dinner so I had better eat that first  (excuse!)  .... STOP!
Don't eat dinner now, because you will have to wait until it settles before you can exercise (the reason for the excuse). Not hungry just yet, will just check my emails before dinner... Oh Look an email from Michelle, Oh yeah Challege #2 ... Get Real!

Gulp!  20 minutes later, dinner is in the fridge for later, I'm in exercise gear, my youngest daughter and I are starting the Michelle Bridges Super Shredder Circuit exercise video.
Another 51 mins, a shitload of sweat, a dry-wretch or two later I have burned 516 calories and feel really proud of myself.

It would have been so easy to say, nah, don't have the energy  (excuse!) , everyone needs a rest day now and again  (excuse!)  , I have so many other things to do  (excuse!)  but THANK GOODNESS FOR MICHELLE BRIDGES!

...and you know what really made me get of my ass and do it?  I asked myself one question (H.M. asked U.M) .... What don't you want more?
Don't wanna exercise?  or
Don't wanna tell everyone next week that I gained weight, instead of losing?
You can guess what the answer was! Thanks for making me accountable.

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Symphony said...

Brilliant. Couldn't believe the number of excuses I came up with, either! Incredible, isn't it? But enlightening to see them in print. Fantastic result. It's that post-workout buzz that we need to keep firmly attached to the top of the excuses box, eh? Now ... on to the next 500 (cals, not excuses!!)
Symphony (12wbt)