Friday, January 6, 2012

A lot to be Grateful for.

On Day 1 I mentioned I was being a little harsh on myself for saying nothing had changed, or nothing was achieved in 2011.  That is not entirely true.

I have created something that I am proud of... It's called "The Grateful List".

Back in 2010, I noticed that so many people would use their Facebook updates to complain, and moan about what was wrong with their lives.  I noticed that if I was having a good day, and I read negative updates, it would actually bring me down a bit. I realised I was a little guilty of this as well. We don't realise we do it, its just a vent, but it's negative energy.  
So inspired by Oprah (yeah she is my Guru) I started as a Daily gratitiude List on my own FaceBook page, and a promise to myself to have only postivite status updates. Before I knew it, it caught on with a few friends, and then their friends. It spread and took on a life on it's own. Who knew Positivity was contagious ♥ ! 
Thanks to my very wise friends and cousins (Melissa & Cyndi) who suggested I make a page for us all to post our lists on.
The idea is to List FIVE things that you are grateful for, daily if possible, but whenever you can. Appreciate the good things♥ It's the writing it down, or verbalising it that makes the difference - just thinking it, doesn't have the same power. A basic Law of Attraction principle, a gratitude list helps attract more positivity in your life.  Another friend of mine Rebecca explained it in the best way.  Everything is energy, everything you say or write is energy.  When energy is expelled from you, it causes a vacuum, and will be replaced with more of the same, so expel positivity, receive positivity.

This Facebook Page now has 394 users, and I know it is not just me who has felt a shift since doing this everyday. There are No Rules, There is No Religious Dogma, You just be grateful for the wonderful things, people and blessings in your life. 
Being grateful for the small things as well as the big things really does make a difference.  I now struggle to see the black clouds, because i see all these silver linings in the way.

Our Wedding Day, July 2000
So hard to find a pic of all 3
- this was a few years ago
Oh and By the Way , Happy Birthday to me... Today I am  40 years old. (officially sometime close midnight NZ time).  I am grateful for everyday of those 40 years. There were days that I struggled to make it through the day and I am grateful to the people in my life who got me through those tough times, because without you I literally wouldn't be here today (you know who you are).  I am grateful for those tough times, because even though it didn't feel like it at the time, they taught me lessons that I see as invaluable now. I am grateful for my wonderful family, My husband who somehow sees me as beautiful regardless of what 'state' I'm.  My 3 wonderful children, who are so smart, so talented, so caring and so special, I love you guys more than you will ever know.  My Mum and Dad, and Sister in NZ, - I didn't realise I would miss you all so much living so far away.  
I am grateful for my 95 year old Nana, for still being here. Although it's hard for her, I am grateful for every extra day we have with you.
I am grateful for Mel, making me do my walk this morning when my  legs didn't want to.
I am grateful for the experience of life, and for the hopes and dreams I now have.
I am grateful for all my wonderful friends and family who have wished me a Happy Birthday, and who will be coming from near and far tomorrow night to help celebrate my 40 years... watch out for the Jan 8th post... all the photographic evidence ...Ha Ha Ha.

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