Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Gearing Up

Well folks, the 12WBT Preseason starts in one week.
I will need to count my calorie intake, and count my calories burned to make sure there is a deficit in order to lose weight. To lose weight and burn those calories, I need to raise my heart rate, the higher I raise it, the more I burn.
Last night I made my first purchase of an essential tool to help me with my goal, my POLAR Heart Rate Monitor.  
Polar FT4 in Pink
This little baby will display my Heart Rate (BPM) and calculates the target heart rate zones, records the maximum and average heart rate during training, and calculates the amount of calories expended in a training session.
With weight loss as my goal,  a heart rate monitor can make sure I'm exercising at a level that targets fat burning. 
To start with, for best results, I should work out in a target heart rate zone that is between 50 and 70% of my maximum heart rate for between 30 to 60 minutes, 3 to 7 days per week.
There were cheap HRM's out there, but I have learned from past mistakes to buy one quality item, rather than a cheap one that doesn't really do the job.  The POLAR brand seems to be the HRM of choice, this little baby retails for $139.99, and because I am doing the 12WBT I got it online for 20% off, paying only $103 with free delivery.  It gets even better, as I was gifted $40 for my birthday to put towards this purchase so it really only cost me $63, and I am super-duper happy with that.  My lovely friend, who shall remain nameless here, presented me the cash in a card with the following message.
"To celebrate you being fit, fab and forty, we'd like to become official shareholders in your fitness quest during 2012. We are purchasing 40 shares in your 40 quest as we have faith that you are going to knock this year out of the park! Here's to a brilliant year for you! (and new shoes, heart rate monitor...what ever you choose to invest in)."
Old Faithfuls
Next up, New shoes.  I used to buy cheapies, that lasted a 6 months before falling apart, but about 4 years ago, I finally wised up and spent a decent amount of money on shoes from the Athletes Foot, and not only were the most comfortable walking/running shoes, they are still intact.  Well worth buying a decent brand, and spending 4 x the money, because they have lasted 8 x the time.  They are still going strong, however I think they are past their best, and I need a new pair for full support (especially for these 40 year old knees).   Lots of sales on at the moment so the perfect time for a bargain, however I might also continue the online shopping on www.eastbay.com, we bought my hubby's shoe on there, saved over $100 compared to the Aussie retailers, and they were delivered within 3 days. 

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