Thursday, January 12, 2012


So thanks to the wonderful ladies on the 12WBT forums, I now know some more of what I am in for with this challenge.

I will be allowed 1200 calories a day, and will need to try and burn off 500 a day doing exercise (not just walking from the couch to the fridge).
That 1200 will be split by 4, 300 for Breakfast, 300 for Lunch, 300 for Dinner, and 300 for snacks.

So even though Michelle will be providing me with meal plans and recipes, I'm also having a bit of a gander around the net to see what 300 calories can get me.  shows illustrations of meals between 300-400 calories goes one step further, and shows a comparison between what you can get on 300 calories compared to an unhealthier version.

here is a list of other sites with recipes under 300 calories 

Interesting huh,... when you consider a Hungry Jacks Double Whopper with Cheese (no fries or drink) is 1027 calories.

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Jane said...

Interesting comparisons Mandy! My DH rang me today to see if I wanted HJ's for lunch and to see what DS would want from there. VERY glad i wasn't tempted seeing that amount of calories! My left over vegie lasagne was much better!