Sunday, January 22, 2012

Lightbulb moment

Did you miss me?  From blogging everyday to no posts for 2 whole days... betcha thought... "Oh yeah, she's all talk...again! She's quit already".
But no!  I had a lightbulb moment...
Here I am telling you all about my goals, and in my head trying to figure out I can achieve them.  I only have a certain amount of free hours to put towards them, and here I was wasting an hour a day on my computer doing a blog... when I could use that hour to finish an assignment, or write a chapter of my novel... ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS MANDY!   Rather than talking (writing) about what you want to do... how about DOING it. Yep thats right Just Do It (no copyright infringement intended Nike).
Don't get me wrong, this blog is vitally important to the Journey - I need to be accountable to you, because if I'm honest with you, I can't trust myself - but I don't need to blog every single day. (Probably just as well, I was running out of good material)
So from now on I will blog only when I have something of interest to share.. It may still be daily in some cases, but it will be at least weekly, because I will need to share my weekly weigh ins.

Speaking of...  even though my official weigh isn't until Wednesday, I couldn't resist jumping on the scales this morning to to check it's heading in the right direction.   I am only 800 grams away from being in the 80's.. and I am gonna work my butt off (literally) over the next two days to ensure I get there by Wednesday.  So in honour of this, today's post will double as a tribute to the number 8.. because it's a special number, and so relevant to me right now!

Eight is the symbol of harmony and balance.
Eight symbolizes the ability to make decisions.
Eight symbolizes abundance and power.
Number eight is lucky for Capricorn (Hey that's Me!)
My Birthday added up = 8  6+1+1+9+7+2 = 26, 2+6=8
In the Tarot, eight is the card for Justice or Strength. 
The mathematical symbol for infinity is like an 8 on its side 
Infinity = No Limits. Endless time, space and Quantity...which represents the power we have to keep going in the direction of our goals.

Ok, before I go.. I just want to tell you about this week's exercise.

Burned a total of 3753 calories for the week!! Hit the 500 cal target every day, and today was the Super Session day where I gotta try and hit 1000! 2 laps around the lake, running a bit, mostly walking, stopping at the exercise equipment and doing some leg raises, tricep dips etc,  1 hour 45 minutes, Mission Accomplished!  And the Dog got his workout too!

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