Monday, January 2, 2012

My Goals and My Inspiration.

I have a few goals that I will share over time, but I'm starting with the fitness goals first.

Yesterday I told you how and where i started moving, and now I have a bit of momentum, I can tell you where I am going with it.
A bit of background... 
I have lost weight before, and put it back on, and lost it again... Actually I lost the same 13kgs twice 2 years apart!
Yes folks, I'm a Yo-Yo dieter...Correction, I WAS a Yo-Yo dieter.

This time it's different. I have a different focus. It's not about Weight, It's about Fitness. I have finally accepted that I will never be a size 8, with a model figure, and actually realised that is not really what I want anyway.

What I do want is :
  • Feel Healthy
  • To buy clothes of the rack in boutiques - not the plus size store
  • To be able to run around with my kids and kick the ball
  • Go on adventures
  • And not just sit on the sidelines and watch.

A friend of mine recently did a round of Michelle Bridges 12WBT Challenge (12 week Body Transformation). For those of you who don't already know, Michelle is the female trainer from the Australian The Biggest Loser. 
I had assumed that the price would be out of my reach, and that its just another program where I would pay and I would fail myself again - I know, i know, Great positive attitude there Mandy, but you don't know how much money I have spent over the years on Weight watchers, Gym memberships etc, only to be in the same place.
Anyway, Cassandra joined up, and has just completed her first round 15kgs lighter! I am impressed with that Weight loss, but more importantly, I am impressed with how this program has changed her attitude towards exercise.  At the start of the program she couldn't run for 1 minute, now she can run for an hour! Wow-wee!  I want what she's having!...So I have signed up for Round 1 of 2012. 
Michelle Bridges, I am all yours!
At a cost of only $199 (or 12 weekly payments of $19.99 - which is the option I chose) It's actually not too bad, I mean, I betcha I spend more than $20 a week on Junk food.  
So, Pre-season starts January 16th. Pre-season is 4 weeks of preparation before the actual 12 weeks start - so really you are getting 20 weeks of Michelle's expertise!  The preseason includes kitchen preparation, goal setting etc.
I am really looking forward to this, and super excited that not only Cassandra has signed up for another round so I will have her support, but two of my cousins Melissa & Leigh have also joined up. We live in different countries, but with the internet and tools such as forums, facebook, youtube, skype... we really are doing it together.
Cassandra showing me it can be done

I want to Thank Cassandra for showing me what is possible, I can't wait to start this program.

While I am at it - Special mention as well to another Cousin Cyndi, who started a FaceBook Group called "Just Do It", it's private, by invite only, and so far has about 60 of us who post what we have done 'exercise' and how we are feeling, and we encourage each other, and support each other...and I don't believe I would have this momentum without you guys.

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