Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Secret Women's Business

**WARNING** If you are male, and do not want to read about specific women's health issues, I suggest you stop now..just saying!

Well it's weigh in wednesday... and I am up 300g.  I am not happy about it, as you would expect.

I am however realistic, you see I have my period, and I was half expecting it.  I have always believed that you weigh more at that time of the month, but I didn't know if it was a myth or reality.  Some extensive Googling this morning has shown that on average women can weigh 3-5lb heavier (thats 1.3kg - 2.2kg for those of us in the lands down under) so I am starting to feel a lot better about  only 300g.  
I have not, however, been able to find any Google evidence that this month everything is more severe, the pain, the flow, the inconvenience, because last night was the full moon.  I have had 3 days of hardly anything, then it really hit yesterday, and last night was the stuff nightmares are made of. So bad that I was up 3-4 times, and had a complete outfit change at 4am.  I have called in sick to work today... mainly due to lack of sleep and cramping pains.  I haven't had to do that in years!  
This period is also interfering with my workouts... I missed zumba last night, and my walk this morning. I'm trying to rationalise it... Is it because I feel unsafe.. I mean what if I overflow in the middle of it! Or is it because the pain just drains you of your energy? or was I simply using it as an excuse?  I am feeling guilty for not going to work today, I am also feeling guilty for not exercising last night or this morning... but you know, sometimes you have to give yourself a break, and today is one of those times.  
And today is one of those days when I am getting out my Piece of String and I am very happy to say that my piece of string is now 4 cm longer than it was before.... LOL, it's obvious I can't quite believe my waist circumference is 4cm less, so I say the string is longer!  I did not quite expect to have the string feel that much looser in 24 days.
The Pin is where my waist now ends! 95cm.

I am going to use today, (after I catch up on the lost sleep, and get this pain under control) to catch up on my Michelle Bridges homework.  
Since the say it out loud (emotional breakdown) task, we have been given the 'Kitchen Makeover' task, and the 'Organise and Diarise' task... and I haven't done either yet. Gulp! ....I feel another blog post coming on.
Final Pre-season task of 'Measure up' opens tomorrow, and we get our grocery lists too.   (this shit is getting real, and I am a bit terrified


Anonymous said...

It's very important to take time out at this time of the month. In the old days women had red tents or moon lodges to retreat to. They were treated with respect, brought food, and allowed to just 'be'. It was a time to reflect on being a woman and allowing your body to do what it needs to do. I've no doubt that a full moon in Leo had something to do with your experience last night either. Rest, allow your body to bleed, and don't push yourself to exercise if you don't think you can. Enjoy your red tent day! xx Beck

Anonymous said...

also don't forget your iron gets low during your period which also causes low energy. Sena

Jane said...

Overflow and heavy periods really do take it out of you! I hate having mine and working out because I constantly worry is it blood or sweat making me feel wet... horrible! Now I have had my kids I wish they would just bugger off for good! I sometimes even feel dizzy on my really heavy days, it's terrible.
Take it easy (but not too easy) and stick to good eating, lots of good iron sources. Do the rest of your tasks and catch up. xoxo