Saturday, February 25, 2012


In the 12 week program, we have set some milestones to achieve, at about week 4, week 8 and week 12. We're about to embark on week 3, so I'm a week or two early but I wanted to give my self a practise attempt first for my first milestone.... just in case I needed to work up to it.

My first Milestone that I set myself was to run a lap of the Regatta Waters Lake.
Aerial Shot of my Lake.
My Beautiful lake - a pic taken the other night after the storm,
by a local man from "Higgins Storm Chasing"  Just gorgeous.
So this morning I got up and into my exercise gear before my mind had a chance to argue, and I set of on my misson.  I knew the lake track was approximately 4km, and the most that I had run without stopping was about 1.5km... so I was a bit apprehensive.
However I also really wanted to achieve this, so I had written it in my diary, I told heaps of people that I was going to try it, and I even wrote it on my blog.

So I had the goal, and I had the determination, but I also had an internal battle going on between Unhealthy me, and Healthy me.   Unhealthy Me came up with sooooooo many excuses, Healthy Me stood strong.

the Internal dialogue went something like this....

U.M. Oh it's raining, we can't go
H.M. ah... correction, it WAS raining, it's not now, and even if it was.. you are not made of sugar!

U.M. You can't do this you know, you'll quit
H.M. I can do this, it doesn't matter how much it hurts or how slow I go, I'm not going to stop running

U.M. Well, you will let me stop at the water fountains? I will die if I don't get water.
H.M. You can drink after, you will not die.

U.M. OOOh look there are puddles, we have to stop and walk through those, or we might slip.
H.M. No we will run carefully through them

U.M. Owww our legs hurt
H.M. It will pass, once we go from Anaerobic to Aerobic it will be more comfortable. Hang in there.

U.M. Hey theres another runner, we better pull to the side and wait for them to pass

H.M. The path is more than wide enough for both of us.

U.M. We look stupid, we are not made for running. I bet those people are thinking how pathetic we are.

H.M. I don't care.

U.M. We're halfway, that's enough isn't it?

H.M. No

U.M. We are running so slow, we would be faster if we walked
H.M. Speed is not the issue, we are not walking

U.M. We have run further than ever before, haven't we proven a point already?
H.M. NO!

U.M. Owww, our back hurts
H.M. Suck it up, not far to go now... we can see the end.

U.M. There is the exit path, can we stop now

H.M. ah... correction, that is where we used to stop our walk, that is not a complete lap from where we started.. Stop trying to cheat me.

U.M. We are there! We can stop now.

H.M. We are there! We can stop now. I am proud of you.

So there we have it. I DID IT!
My ipod was serendipitously playing "I made it" by Kevin Rudolph as I stepped over the line that marked one full lap.

Distance: 3.95km
Time: 33.27 mins
Avergage Speed : 8.28 mins per km.
HRM Cals burned: 488 (incl walk to & from start)
and my evidence that I actually did it!
Screen shot from the Runkeeper App

So I can now tick of more mini goals from my list.

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RDub said...

Loving your mini-goal list & your inner dialogue had healthy me laughing and unhealthy me asking what's so funny.
Congrats - that's a massive achievement.