Saturday, February 11, 2012

Lets see how far I've come!

Today is the day that I have taken my Official Before shots for the" Before and After" photo part of the 12 week body transformation challenge.
I'm not going to post them here..yet, I will post them when I have the afters to compare with.  (they are also Bra & undies shots, so I need to build up some courage to get to revealing those).
I have to say that taking the pics (with the help of my hubby) was not as traumatic as I expected.  The pics weren't has horrific as I anticipated, and I am starting to see how far I have come.
Here are a couple of the non-official before shots (with clothing) that I am using to try and see how far I've come already.
Christmas 2010 ... its a photo of a photo.

May 2011 on a trip back to NZ, .. don't I look miserable.
November 2011...
at this point I was happy to be back in those  cargo shorts,
but  its really  not a good look.

It's funny, I can see when other people have lost weight, but can't really see it on myself. I am getting daily comments from people stating the fact, and it's hard for me to smile and say thanks, when I don't really believe it.. but you know today, I am starting to believe it. 
The process of getting in my underwear and documenting my current body shape, weight and measurements spurred on a few more tests, the results of which I will show you here and now.

These shorts were super tight on this holiday in 2010, 
And in Dec 2011, I was pleased that they were looser..but  it's still not a good look.

Here are the same shorts today.

Here are the grey pants my Mum bought me on one of her visits, these were my staple work pants, fit nicely for ages, and then started getting tight...

May 2011
The same pants today... didn't need to undo the zip to put them on.

Joe then had the bright idea to try on my jeans... I mean THE JEANS, the Levis that have been in my cupboard for 10 years, that I have always wanted to get back into.  I tried them a few weeks back and couldn't get them up over my butt, let alone done up... so I said "no, they are a long way off yet"
... his response.. "humour me!", so I did and ...

and check out that smile on my face.

So over the course of writing todays blog, I am pleased to say I CAN SEE IT!

Todays weight and measurements  (to compare with pre-preseason)

Weight: 88.1kg
Chest: 107cm
Waist: 96cm
Hips: 116cm
Upper Thigh:66cm
Arm: 34cm
BMI: 30.1 Obese
Since Preseason started, I have lost 4.9kg, and at least 10 cm, and reduced my BMI by 1.7
Since I started this journey in August 2011, I have lost 11.8kg 


The Tigress said...

Congratulations cuz....So proud of you!! Keep up the good work! Big *mwah* :D

Yvette said...

Looking good!