Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day Weigh in

Well after a imperfect week, I had a decent result on the scales this morning....
85.4kg... a loss of 1.1 this week.

Interesting week... some minor diet indiscretions, some big fitness wins (1220 cals burned yesterday!), and some big things happening in life in general.
Got through my daughters birthday party at McDonalds on Sunday, guilt free!
Got offered and accepted a new job at work, which is a big change for me, but I figured nothing ventured nothing gained.

Today is leap day, and thank goodness because I needed the extra day in the month to complete February's 100km challenge (to walk run 100km over Feb).... I am sitting at 98.5km for the month, so need to knock off 1.5 kms today.

My youngest daughter is having surgery tomorrow, so I will be spending all day at the hospital.  A real red flag day , because #1 I worry, and eat when I am stressed, #2 I'm sitting around a hospital all day, and popping to the cafe is something to do,  #3 the options at this hospital's cafe are not the best.   So I need to be very prepared and very strong tomorrow.

Week 3 of the challenge, Michelle says it's traditionally the hardest week, and I'd have to say I struggled with the mental battle this week. I'm tired and did put a few bad things in my mouth this week, so I can see what she means.

On a side note though, I have booked flights to Melbourne to attend the May 19 12WBT Finale with Michelle.  Cass, and Mel are coming too.  It gives a  greatt goal to focus on, and will be the ultimate reward for all the hard work.


RDub said...

Hope your daughters surgery went perfectly and the cafe didn't prove too tempting fr you.

Great work on the 1.1kg...snap. :)

Mandy said...

Thank you. Everything went well, except she was in more pain than she expected and didn't cope so well. I packed food, and all I had from the cafe was a skinny cap! When my daughter was in pain and I couldn't help.. rather than eating my emotions, I went for a walk round the block which was very uphill in places, in the hot sun. Felt better.