Saturday, February 18, 2012

Saturday Super Session

Well, you may hear/see me mention SSS  or the Saturday Super Session, so I thought I better show you what it is...

Michelle's plan wants us to burn 500 cals each day Mon-Fri, and 1000 cals on Sat, Rest on Sunday.  Saturday because majority of us have the day off work, and its most likely the day when you may need to go out to dinner etc, so it's also the day of the 'treat meal'.
Saturdays mean working extra hard, cutting out your snacks, to give yourself double the calories for your evening meal, and resting on sunday... but if Saturdays doesn't suit, you can do your SSS on any day of the week.

So today, nearing the end of week 1 of the 12WBT I did my first official SSS.
Cass organised a Personal training session with my husband, and asked me to join her at 8am on a saturday morning.  

We skipped (and I figured out that I could actually skip), we did leg-raises, Hindu & Japanese push ups (and for the first time I did push ups on my toes),  we did burpees, and jump lunges up the driveway incline driveway.  We then went out to the street and did shuttle runs, flipped and carried a big heavy tyre, did towel runs, then came back inside for boxing/kickboxing sets. (sets as in 8sets of 2 punches,  8sets of 4 punches,  8sets of 6 punches,  8sets of 8 punches,  8sets of10 punches, back down again with  8sets of 8 punches,  8sets of 6 punches,  8sets of 4 punches, and 8sets of 2 punches....let me tell you, that burns!  almost as much as balancing on one leg on foam, and bouncing a medicine ball against the of 120 times.  Far out!
There was more but my mind has blanked out the pain...Total session burned 700 cals, over 90 mins.

Then after that, ...well after an hour of rest, I went out an mowed our lawns. 
this is not something I would normally do, even under normal circumstances, but our back lawn was so ridiculously long. After rain/sun/rain/sun for weeks, with Joe being out of action with his knee reconstruction, it had got out of control, and with our tiny little electric lawnmower it took me over 90 mins.
I must have emptied that tiny catcher close to 100 times...but I burned another 769 calories. 
That is a total of 1469 calories burned in one morning!  Wahoo!

As for my treat meal tonight, I'm making pizza... a healthy version.
I will post my recipe and photos, and calorie count.

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