Sunday, February 19, 2012

What am I eating?

Whilst Michelle's plan has menu's and nutrition plans that I try to follow, sometimes circumstances, tastes, or lack of ingredients dictate that you have to be flexible.  I am getting good at serving up meals within my calorie count that the family love.

Yesterdays post said I was going to have Pizza for my treat meal, well I lied.
We ended up having Fish and prawns....but I did make the pizza last night to take for lunch today (we were at an athletics carnival, where my eldest daughter won 3 medals and did a P.B) 

Any way, last nights dinner was  crumbed fish (frozen packet)and prawns and 358 calories per serve.
This is the second time I have made this and the family love it.... it certainly doesn't feel like a diet anyway.

My tip is to look hard at the calories on the pack of the fish to determine which has less per serve.
It's easy. Oven bake the fish, serve on a bed of spinach & rocket, and whatever other salad veges you would like (remember to count them).
I just sautéed the cooked prawns in a bit of garlic and sweet chilli sauce, and popped them on top.

This pic is from last time we had this meal, last nights was actually bigger
this is the actual calorie count from my fitness Pal..
 NB* 129 calories is for half a serve of fish,  with 2 pieces being a serve, I only had one piece. 
Today was a red flag day, as we were at an Atheltics carnival all day, and if you are not well organised with food, the canteen with it's hot chips, spring rolls, and pies, or the coffee van with iced chocolates etc, or even the sno-cones van, are far too tempting when you are hot, tired and hungry.

So last night, I cooked up some pizza for us to take today, and I did not frequent any of the aforementioned tempting vendors. My hubby and kids did, but not me.

My pizza's are not diet food, I have always made and eaten these and my family love them.
I use tortilla's as my pizza base, with half a tablespoon of Tomato Paste, and a smidgen of BBQ sauce as my pizza sauce, a very very little bit of grated cheese (too much and they don't crisp up), topped with a little bit of whatever you have ...onion, mushroom, gherkin, ham, pineapple etc.  Mine used turkey meat as I had a little left over from another recipe.
Each of us had two whole pizza's, totalling 398 calories for the two... that beats just 2 slices of Domino's Hawaiian at 450 calories.
I just use the home brand tortilla's from the mexican aisle, but I am sure there are some lower calorie wraps out there, that would make this even better.

yummy - the crispier the better!

Now for tonights dinner... Michelle actually had Pizza on the menu, but as we had that for lunch, I changed it.
We had Grilled chicken, corn on the cob (without butter for me), and salad, with a touch of light mayo... 316 Calories, and boy am I full!

Hopefully, now I have enough stamina to pack my bag for tomorrow, and prep tomorrows lunch. My bed is calling 6.44pm.  

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