Friday, March 23, 2012


I think you all know by now that I love Zumba.
Tonight's class went off! I burned 612 calories in a 1 hour session.
Its great that I get to share this wonderful class with my awesome friends, Cass, Sandra, Lee and Kelly, plus I have met so many more wonderful ladies (and gents) in this class, that they are starting to feel like family.
Me with the Amazing Kassy!
I have had a hard, stressful, exhausting week, and 'Unhealthy Me' was trying to convince me to skip Zumba tonight, but I am so glad I went. I feel energised, and happy and strong enough to fight of 'Unhealthy Me's urges over the weekend. 
The girls came with me tonight, to watch, and Faith Video'd me on stage during a couple of routines.  I hope the ladies don't mind me sharing.
Thats me in the black, in front next to Kassy (the instructor) in the first video, and at the back (out of time...LOL) in the second video... with Cass in front. 

The Massive class is done in the High School Hall, and Kass invites a few people up on stage with her for each routine... only if you want to!
I still find it amazing that only 7 months ago, I forced myself to go to this Zumba class , on my own, obese, with no confidence or self love, and now 17kgs lighter, I am up on stage in front of the class, Rocking It, and loving every second!! Whoop Whoop!
That day, the day of my first Zumba class is the day I count as Day one of this journey... Zumba, and Zumba Kass... You literally saved my life.

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