Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Weigh in Wednesday

Just weighed in 83.5kg.
That is a loss of 900g this week, 

16.4kg gone since August 2011
9.5kg since Preseason Started.
4.6kg gone in 12WBT (we are now in week 5)

500g until next mini goal of losing 10kg on the 12WBT.
1.5kg away from having lost 20kg from my heaviest ever weight of 102kg
3.6kg away from the 70's.

Really gonna try to amp it up this week, Got a saturday morning mission planned to walk Burleigh Hill!

1 comment:

RDub said...

Love this post...well done on celebrating your milestones along the way. It's hard to know which figure to use as "THE" start, especially when you've had such a great lead up to the actual program. IMO its the people with your mindset that get this thing done :)