Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Weigh in, Weaknesses and Worries.

Ok first things first, Wednesday = Weigh in. 
Today I weighed 82.6kg, down 900g from last week. 
So that means 17.3kg lost since I started 'trying' to get healthy, which is a loss of 17.32% off my original body weight.
So with my original goal being to get to a Healthy BMI range (72kg or under/28%) I'm just over 10kg away from that! That seems achievable now.
That's another little mini goal ticked off my list, and only 600g until the next one.  
Only 2.7kgs until the seventies and wait for it... 1 and a half weeks until I run a 5km fun run! 

 I am quite happy with a loss of 900g considering I have not been very disciplined this week.  A few indulgences during the week, and not recording my calories in and out properly means I know I could do better if I focus properly. I need to get back to basics and plan properly, record properly, because then if the numbers are right... then I will have a better result.  I am however happy that for the past two weeks I have pretty much just been living my 'new lifestyle' not calorie counting / dieting so I feel confident that I will be able to maintain this once I get to goal.
Well, this is where I am hoping I have learned some lessons. I am about to have a really tough week, full of guilt and stress and emotions that I would normally eat my way through... I am hoping that I am strong enough.
My husband has a Chronic Lung disease and an immune deficiency, and has to go into hospital again this week for what the Doctor calls a 'tune up'.
Although it's not a critical situation, his long term prognosis is serious and when he needs to go to hospital it always reminds us of that fact.
So not only are we dealing with those emotions, I will basically be a solo parent again for the next week. Working full-time, organising kids with school pick up and after school care, trying to fit in everything I ordinarily do plus fitting in hospital visits and the housework & errands that my husband normally does. With the help of a caring and flexible workplace who is allowing me to amend my work day slightly to get home to the kids a bit earlier, and a wonderful friend who offered to do school pick up so I don't have to pay after school care.... I think I will muddle through.  I am a bit worried that my exercise regime will suffer, I won't be able to walk to work, and I worry that I will just feel too exhausted to do it, but I am determined not to let me derail myself this time. 
I think my major concern is that I will feel pressed for time, and succumb to the lure of a drive through or my loneliness without my hubby will weaken my resolve to saying NO that choccy bar at the servo.

Anyway, time to go and get hubby settled into the Ward. 

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