Sunday, March 11, 2012


No wonder Michelle calls this a 12 week body transformation and not just a challenge. 
Everything is Transforming...  I am  accomplishing more than I ever knew I could. 

As much as I knew i had lost 15.5kg since August... I couldn't really 'see' it... until I did the photo comparison.

I posted the top pic on the 12WBT Newbies Facebook page and the response I got absolutely blew my mind.  To have other ladies cite me as an inspiration brought me to tears.... I can't believe they are talking about me.
I hope you ladies don't mind me sharing your words.


Push Ups (Knees) = 55 in a minute, 24 more than last time (although now I can do some on my toes so I am doing it again later adding them in too)
Sit Reach = 6 cm more, from -5 last time to +1
Abdominal strength = from level 2 to level 3 
Time Trial = 6 41s, 1:21 faster, and discovered what my husband told me was 1 km was actually 1.23km (thanks Runkeeper, I can trust you) but I will keep this route for the rest of the tests as well.
Wall Sit = only 30 sec, 8 sec shorter.... hmmm last time I didn't do it straight after my run. Might try again later.
Very happy with the run result.
Screenshot from the 12WBT page

Overcoming fears, and doing things I never thought I would. Not only doing it, but LOVING it!

Surfing Lesson Complete 11/03/2012


RDub said...

Gorgeous words from your FB buddies to match your gorgeous smile. You look so happy :)

Surfing, and just getting out there and living life. I'm right where you are Mandy...and don't it feel good???

Mandy said...

Loving Life! It sure does feel good.