Saturday, March 31, 2012

Better late than never...

Well it's Saturday morning, and I haven't yet been accountable for the Weigh in on Wednesday.

My excuse is that I have been a bit to busy to sit down and type up a blog post, but I have now found the time so here it is.

Before I start, I would be irresponsible if I didn't reflect slightly before I revealed the stats... I mean my last post was all about how I had not coped, and ate bad things to help me get through a tough few days.  But I took Michelle's advice, and took all emotion out of it, and looked at the situation pragmatically, and realised that the 'blow out' that I was describing, while still not being ideal for the 12 week body transformation, was really nothing compared to what a 'Binge' or 'Pig out' would have been prior to starting this journey.  I simply can't eat the amount of or type of food that I used to eat.

There is a school of thought, that a small binge can actually help weight loss. Your body gets into a rhythm, with it's metabolism, and when you have a little binge, your body realises it needs to boost the metabolism to burn off that food.  I wasn't sure if I believed this, and I think it is dangerous to binge to try and make this happen, but it is ray of hope after you have overindulged.

Anyway, Wednesday morning scales read 81.6kg, a loss of 1kg!  
I was pretty damn happy with that, because I was scared I wouldn't lose anything, or worse still... gain!

That means that I have now officially lost:

  •  20kgs from my heaviest ever weight of 102kg (20% of body weight)
  • 18.3 kg since August 1st 2011 (18.32%)
  • 11.4kg since starting 12WBT preseason.(12.26%)
  • 6.5kg since Official day 1 of 12WBT (7.4% of body weight)
This also means that I am closer to reaching my goals.
  • 1.7 kg to get into the 70's (will also be 20kg since August)
  • 3.5 kg to 10kg lost on 12WBT
  • 9.1 kg to a Healthy BMI  - Which was my original goal.

The most exciting news (or nervewracking) is that tomorrow, I will be RUNNING in my first ever 5km run.  On monday I ran 4km, and felt quite comfortable so i fully believe I can do this. My Goal is to run the whole thing, without stopping, don't care about time, or placing... last is fine! I just want to prove to myself that I can do this.

Look out for a post tomorrow, so you know how I got on.


~Whirlsie~ said...

Congrats!!! And good luck tomorrow!!

RDub said...

Well done Mandy! Great numbers even after an unsettled week.
And all the best for your run this morning too :)