Thursday, June 21, 2012

Weigh In

Even though it's Thursday ... and Weigh in is on Wednesday... Today I weigh .... 76.3kg!
That is 2 kgs down from my start weight of this round.
I realised it had been a while since I posted my graph.

I am less than 4 kgs away from my original goal of 72.5 (Healthy BMI), which originally seemed so far away.
As I go closer to this, I reassessed the goal down to 70kg, then to 68kg. They are now really within reach and I am still quite stunned. 
There are not many mini goals on my list left to achieve now....

There are mixed results amongst my friends doing the challenge as well.  One of my dear friends sent me her results yesterday "Only 500g down" she said... ONLY! ONLY 500g! There are some 12WBTers who gained, some who lost 100g, some who lost 2.1kg last week.  One thing I have learned on this journey is to celebrate every loss, even the small ones, because its heading in the right direction. If its a gain... it's happened, there is no point freaking out. Calmly reassess the week, look at what you did (or didn't do) that contributed to the result, Own it, and work harder this week. 
Found this little pic to keep in mind, next time you 'only' lose 500g (1.1lb).

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RDub said...

What a brilliant pic. So true - we don't celebrate the little wins often enough and less than a kilo seems almost like a failure.
Loving your goals too. We're pretty much after the same goal weight - and WE CAN DO IT!!