Saturday, June 16, 2012

Going for Distance...

Why is it that I do my best thinking in the shower?  Doesn't everyone though? Is it the lack of interuption, the rhythmic sound of the water falling, the warmth, the comfort - it allows your mind to settle, and your soul to awaken, inspiration can kick in, it's me time - time to get in touch with me. 

I have discovered another time when I feel this same way, the rhythmic sound of my breathing, of my shoes hitting the footpath. I am alone, and most often watching the sunrise or sunset, and I can have that conversation in my head that does not have the opportunity to do during the busy working day.

I'm shocked to say it, but I am beginning to love running. It's my 'me time'.

I have been a little freaked out about the 10km in 2 weeks. The last few 5km runs, I have pushed myself for a better time, and felt completely shattered by the end of the 5km, and it made me really worried about how I was going to cope with 10km.

So this morning I set myself a goal to go the distance, to run further than I have before, to not be concerned with time, but to run the distance I set myself. 
You would have seen me talk about my lake before, some of you may remember when I achieved my goal to run a lap of the lake without stopping.

Well, I now know that from my front door, around the lake and back to my front door is 4.9km, So I thought I would do 2 laps, and it should be about about 9km door to door....and further than the 8km Mothers Day Classic (when I did walk about 500m at the 6-7km mark).

So I set off, at a slower, comfortable pace. My Run Keeper was telling me I was running at an average of 8.03mins per km(I have gotten my 5km down to average 7mins per km). The first lap was fine, no breathing issues, just nice comfortable steady pace.  The second lap was harder, but I was more than halfway through the second lap before I started to feel fatigued.
My back was starting to hurt, I tried to pick up the pace but my legs were getting heavier, but I got to the end of the second lap, and continued on to the next exit (the lake path has about 4 entry points), and then up the path, and down the street to home.

RESULT. 9.27km  in 1hr 14mins. 

Although I felt like I had nothing left in the tank, I've gotta say, I was in less pain than when I finished the 8km, and with only 750m more to make 10km, I now know I CAN DO IT.   

I have been hoping for a 10km time of around 80mins.  70mins meant doing 2 x my fastest ever 5kms back to back, so I thought 80mins was more realistic, so to do 9.27 in 74mins, puts me right on pace for the 10km in 80mins.

I'm really pleased that I JFDI today, as it has taken the fear out of the actual 10km run on June 30....and you know what else I learned today...?
I learned ... I AM A RUNNER!

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LINDA from OEKE said...

good on you. that is a fantastic effort and result. i too have just found out I like running and made it 7.5k's last weekend. hoping to do it again tomorrow - if not a little further. congrats, well done and way to go.

(btw .. this is Linda Di-Giusto from 12WBT newbies)