Sunday, June 17, 2012

Weekly Surprise

Part of the regular features of the 12WBT is Michelle's weekly surprise. Every Sunday night the 'Surprise' opens, and we have 6 days/nights to complete the activity and submit it to be in to win a Prize. - optional of course, but if you not in, you not win!

Previous surprises have included the Fitness Tests, Creating a Recipe, Creating a Workout (from last round), and so far in this round we have had a nutritional pop quiz (which I failed BTW - probably should've googled, but I thought I knew better! LOL), we have made an inspiration board and now we have to submit a blog... Well that's easy.... DONE!!

One of the images from my Inspiration Board.
Not every challenge is this easy.  I've got to say I have struggled with my organisation this round. I can sit there with my diary, and write it down, plan and decide what I am going to do this week... and by mid week it's all gone to crap.   I'm still losing weight, and on track, but I know if I could focus just a little more, I would be seeing so much more success. 

My word of the moment is BALANCE!  I feel unbalanced, and this is what I need to FOCUS on to get myself back on track.  I am unbalanced because... Work is insanely busy, and I am bringing the stresses home with me, using my mental exhaustion as an excuse, not knowing how to switch off.

I was thinking today... (yeah, look it's not that rare for me to be thinking) and the thought dawned on me that I have been stressing over this new job (not so new any more) trying to make sure that I was good enough, that I was doing enough to impress, trying to prove to anyone (myself) that I was good enough for it... and not having enough hours in the day to be as perfect as I want to be.  I am killing myself trying to be perfect for a job that I don't even particularly like... at the expense of my life! 
From now on, I will WORK to LIVE, not LIVE to WORK! I will work as hard as I can when I am there, but when I clock out, I need to give all of myself back to me.  I am working to get paid, so I can spend that pay on my family, my life and my experience. 
I think once I get this balance right, the other things will start to balance out too... my organisation of my eating and workout will start to fall into place. 

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