Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Final Weigh In

Here we are Week 12 of the Michelle Bridges 12 week Body Transformation Challenge... so has my body transformed in 12 weeks?  Well you can be the judge...!  But first, let me share with you the stats

Official Starting weight of the 12WBT at week 1 was 88.1kg - having already lost 4.9 kg on the preseason weeks, and 11.8 kg in total since July/August 2011, I wasn't sure what to expect but I set a goal of 10kg to lose over the 12 weeks. 

Final weigh in this morning and I weighed in at 79.0 kg.
An official loss of 9.1 kg (10.3%) on the 12WBT and the loss on which I will be judged for the competition (not that I think I really have a shot when I see some of the amazing women on the forums and FB pages)
I have lost a total of 38.5cm off my body... actual results below.

I still have my fitness test to perform, and my Major Milestone to achieve (which is why i am confused that final weigh in is now, and not next week) but it is what it is, and I can accept that. 
Anyway here is the absolute moment of truth... I am being brave here, so I have to warn you, that even though the 12 weeks is over... MY TRANSFORMATION IS NOT YET FINISHED, so please bear that in mind if you continue to scroll past this warning / disclaimer.....

Week 1      vs     Week 12

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