Saturday, May 26, 2012


Well 2 weeks ago, Round 1 was all over, and I thought I could continue my journey on my own.
Of course I needed to have a little break... I mean I had been working hard for 12 weeks, so a week off was warranted right? and then of course I was heading to Melbourne and even though I wasn't going crazy eating KFC and Icecream or anything, I was not diligently counting calories.
Next week I'll be back on track... Well the next next week came... skipped Monday night kickboxing training, because I was still tired from the melbourne trip, Tuesday - I had to support the cause of the girl at work by buying some chocolate but I did do my Tuesday Zumba class, Wednesday - no exercise, long day at work which meant more chocolate, I'm frazzeld I'll just rest, Thursday.. skipped training again, Friday  thank goodness for Zumba ( because I ate lollies), Saturday Morning planned to do park Run, whoops forgot to print my barcode..... Hmmmm this is not looking good.
So I signed up for round 2. 
My logic is $20 a week, for the additional support, and having the website to put in the numbers, and follow the  plans, is worth it, because it works. I can't be trusted on my own.

Today was a prime example. Like I said I HAD planned to do park run, but when I realised that I had forgotten to print out my barcode, and I have no ink in the home computer, I had been handed the perfect excuse. I did work hard doing housework during the day, but was thinking all day "I should have done some exercise today"... then I sat done this afternoon and logged on to Facebook, and saw a post in my news feed from Calorie king, and then scrolled through a few more pic's in their album, sharing some to my 12wbt groups, and then I came across this one...

...Something in my head said "damn right", and I got up and walked away from the computer, put my running shoes on, grabbed my ipod and went for a run.  AND i rolled my ankle as I went down our driveway, and I still continued! The pain in my ankle was temporary, and the excuse I could have used was too, I ignored it, and ran 5km (39mins) around the lake, and was home just as it got dark.  Really happy that I JFDI.

Now I just need to complete my pre-season tasks and Get Focused.

In other news, the girls and I went to the Lifeline sale this morning. This is the 3rd year we've been. It is amazing. A huge room with thousands of items of second hand clothes at $2 each. We came home with 15 items between the 3 of us.  I tried on a top and bought it, and didn't realise until I got home that it was a SMALL!!!  Last year I was hunting through piles of clothes for anything size 16-18, and was lucky to find anything decent. This year I was treated to a feast of sizes 12-14 and came home with a Jacket, a pair of work pants, a jumper, a cardy, a top, a hoody and a dress....Loving this new life.

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murderhouse mouse said...

Awesome to know you are pushing thru the hard "excuses" we only cheat ourselves when we talk ourselves out of exeecise instead of JFDI :)