Saturday, May 12, 2012

Preseason Task 2 – Take 2

Get Real - No More Excuses
I am going to follow the program again, this time on my own, and see how I go.
Now is the time to take full responsibility for myself, my body and how I think.
It’s time to reflect on how I see myself, and any self-sabotaging habits I keep.
No one else can get me my results. Only I can do this for myself.
I’ve got to let go of my excuses.

Michelle says there are 3 types of excuses:
1. Internal Excuses: The self-talk that goes on between unhealthy me and healthy me in my head. For example: I’m too tired, I’m not motivated, I might fail, I’ll look silly.
2. External Excuses within your control: These are excuses driven by external factors but which I still have some control over. For example I’m too busy, it’s too hot/cold, I can’t afford it.
3. External excuses outside of your control: These are external factors that I have absolutely no control over, real emergencies. For example a sick child, family crisis, work crisis. Unfortunately there is nothing I can do to get out of these and yes my training or diet may be affected by them.

The Task
1.    List my excuses below, writing every possible one you can think of into all three categories. It’s excuses I’ve used before and that I am likely to use again.
2.    Write down solutions for each excuse.
3.   Print this out for Healthy me to refer to when Unhealthy me starts throwing out excuse after excuse - answers pre-prepared.
·          INTERNAL
o   I can’t resist junk food
§  Well actually you can. Each moment you choose what you put in your mouth. If you want to achieve your goals, you will be able to say No.
o   I’m too undisciplined to record my eating every day
§  Plan in advance so you don’t have to think and record. Just follow the plan, it’s already recorded.
o   I’m too tired to get up early in the morning to train
§  Get to bed earlier, stop watching mindless TV. You did it for weeks on end before, and once the habit set in it was easy… get back to that.
o   I have a sore hip
§  And it doesn’t actually hurt too much when you are training, more when walking around normally.  Go to the Doctor and get a proper diagnosis and stop using it as an excuse.
o   I haven’t spent enough time with my kids
§  They will get to have you in their lives for so many more years as a result of what you are doing now, do active things together and they will benefit too.
o   I just can’t be bothered today
§  So, JFDI… can you be bothered shopping for size 18 clothes again?? No, I didn’t think so
o   I deserve a rest day
§  Yeah, you do… on Sunday.
o   I’ve lost enough, I can stop now
§  Really?  So why did you set your goal at 70kg, if 78kg was ok? You are not in the healthy weight range yet, and that is what you promised yourself, and your kids.
o   My muscles are sore
§  Yep, that shows you are working them, and they will hurts less the more often you do it, so suck it up.
o   I’m unorganised so I can’t exercise today

o   Its too hot to train
§  Run on the beach, followed by a swim. Or just swim.
o   It’s too cold to train
§  You’ll soon warm up… wear a jacket until you do.
o   It’s raining
§  Do a DVD or go to the Gym.
o   My train was late so I missed my class
§  Start late… or do a DVD
o   I can’t afford healthy food
§  Be honest, Fruit and veges are cheaper – make from scratch, stop paying for processing.
o   I can’t afford a trainer
§  You don’t need one, you live with one, and you have all the info from last round, plus a million internet pages.
o   I have to work late
§  If you do, you do – eat clean and don’t dwell on it..
o   A family member is sick and they need me`
§  Yes they are a priority, but check yourself… are you using  them as an excuse?


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