Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I'll spread my wings, and I'll learn how to fly
I'll do what it takes till I touch the sky
And I'll make a wish
Take a chance
Make a change
And breakaway 
Kelly Clarkson

Well peeps, I'm taking a well deserved week off from work... apparently it's well deserved, so my workmates say... I'm just pleased to be away from that desk -  for 9 whole days it's somebody else's problem.

Anyway I managed to get a last minute timeshare week , 2bedroom apartment at Boambee Beach Resort for $199 (perks of the industry  suppose) and on Saturday we packed up the car and headed off on the 4 hour drive to Coffs Harbour. We couldn't stay the whole week, but decided a long weekend would be enough.

On arrival, I was impressed with the resort. The apartment was roomy, clean, with everything we needed... including the spa bath!
After a quick trip to the local Toormina shopping centre for supplies, followed by a twilight explore of the resort facilities, we settled in to watch the the first night of Olympic competition. 

I got up early-ish (we are on holidays after all) and went for a run, and found myself exploring the picturesque Boambee Creek Reserve.  After breakfast, we headed off to the Coffs Markets, 3 lots on a Sunday.  Not the best markets I have seen, but we did discover Dutch Caramel Waffles... Yum!

At the Jetty Foreshore Markets, Coffs Coast Camels were doing Camel rides for $10, and when Isabella asked if she could have one, I decided that I would too... It was on my Bucket List, and I always imagined doing it somewhere exotic overseas, but I thought... Why not here? Why not now? and why not share it with my daughter. She was quite thrilled to do something special with Mum, and I was quite thrilled that I wasn't worried about being too heavy for them.

After the Markets we went to the Plantation Hotel for $8 lunches, followed by a Baskin Robins Waffle cone, before lumbering back to the resort for a swim.
Trying out my new swimsuit, the pool was heated but still cold, and the spa was warm, but after a while I braved the cold water and did lots of laps.  Another family joined us in the spa, and my husband whispered to me "how does it feel to not be the fat one anymore?".... it felt bloody awesome!

Day 2 we hit our favourite Coffs Harbour attraction, the Pet Porpoise Pool.  Its a small place, but you interact directly with the dolphins. The Dolphins choose to interact with you.  After the show, we just hung around and watched them play, and one dolphin brought his ball to my daughter and threw it at her, wanting to play catch. We stood for the next hour playing ball with Zippy... one of the most rewarding experiences ever.  The girls had been before when they were younger, but I am pleased we took them back now they are older so they can remember it.

The best thing about this holiday for me, was that I got involved.  Rather than sitting on the sidelines watching my family experience things... I WAS DOING IT.  I ran, I swam, I played Tennis, I played basketball, I played Mini Golf, I rode a Camel, I played with a dolphin... and unfortunately I ate a lot of bad food... but that is a different story. 

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