Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I've gone through this cold miserable winter and have not made any progress on my weight or exercise goals.
While I am disappointed in myself, and used winter as an excuse, it really has been a big factor in my lapse.  I still have the dregs of a cold, and a cough that will not quit! 
However in the past few days, the weather has been absolutely beautiful, and it really feels like winter is over... even though its not officially over until Saturday. 

So Spring's arrival will mean a fresh start.
a group of us 12WBTers who are not re-signing up again (well really after the effort of the past twelve weeks, I wasn't going to let myself sign up again), anyway a group of us are setting ourselves challenges and monitoring our intake and exercise, and hopefully helping each other to stay on track.

However I do have one little obstacle to overcome... I am going on a Cruise on Saturday. Its a 3 nighter, and I won it in a competition, and I am soooo excited, but you know what everyone says about cruises...You come back 5 kgs heavier!

So I fully intend to make good use of the gym, and jogging track,.... and the smorgasbord, and everything will start when we get back. 

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