Friday, August 3, 2012

I'm So Lucky

I've been having a little 'feel sorry for myself', stamp my feet cos "It's not Fair" moment, brought on by the fact that some lucky buggar won the $50Million PowerBall lotto last night...and it wasn't me.

I'm driving around in an old dunger of a car, my bank balance is pathetic, we'll probably never own our own house again, I am trying to raise a family on a single salary, my husband, and daughters have health issues, and sometimes it all just feels too much... It's not fair! When is it our turn to have some good luck.

Then I saw this post on Facebook...
It done stood up and slapped me in the face!  Of course I'm not Unlucky, I don't have to sleep on the streets.

I've been trying to practise the principles of the Law of Attraction, and feel like I have been putting in my order to the Universe, practising gratitude daily on The Grateful List but I'm not sure I really 'got it' until tonight.

I was parked next to my dream car tonight, not some sporty unrealistic car, but my favourite... what I wish I drove, a white BMW X5 (or Audi q7 - I'm not fussy), and I went through the little bargaining, with the Universe,  in my head.

"We really need a new car, I think I am a good person, surely you can see your way to make this happen for us?  That car is top of my list of things I want...."
and I stopped in my tracks! 

The penny dropped...You idiot... No it's not.

The top 5 of 'What you really want', in order of most importance is:

  1. For my husband to be healthy again
  2. For my children to grow to old age, with a full life of adventure, achievements, love and sensible decisions.
  3. to always have a roof over my head, and food on the fridge.
  4. to stay happy and healthy myself
  5. to travel and see the parts of the world that I have always dreamt of.
A BMW doesn't even register in the big picture.... and this little realisation reminded me of the picture above, and...
PING! Light Bulb Moment.
"Don't complain about your life because you don't have the car or house that you wanted... being unlucky means something else."

I am lucky.
I am lucky to have a husband who adores me.
I am lucky that he has survived some serious close calls, and lived to tell the tale.
I am lucky that my daughters only have a bone disease, and not something that threatens their life on a daily basis.
I am lucky to have given birth to 3 healthy babies.
I am lucky that all my children are smart, and doing well, and get a free education.
I am lucky that we live in a nice 4 bedroom house, near a lake, with water, electricity, and plenty of food.
I am lucky that I have transport.
I am lucky that I have a good job (I may not be enjoying it right now but..) 
I am lucky that I work for an great company with amazing opportunities.
I am lucky that I have wonderful friends that really care about me.
I am lucky to have been born in a wonderful country, and I am lucky that I get to live in another equally wonderful country.
I am lucky to have two arms, legs, eyes and ears that do what they were designed to do.
I am lucky to have loved and lost, so that I learned to appreciate what I have.
I am lucky to have been raised by two loving parents, who demonstrated commitment, taught us values, and showed us how to laugh as a family.
I am lucky to have realised that I don't need riches to feel rich. I have all the riches I need in what is listed above, and more.
Message received, Universe, Loud and Clear.


~Whirlsie~ said...

love this post!!!

Go you!!!

It's something I should remember too!! :D

murderhouse mouse said...

Awesome Hun!!
Live for today, No regrets and be thankful for what we have.
"Always treat others how you would like to be treated" and someday the universe will thankyou for it.