Monday, April 9, 2012

What have I gotten myself in for?

Why oh why did I post this on Facebook?

6 hours in and I had 56 'Likes'.... by 9.30pm Monday I had 65... 2 and a half hours before the deadline.... will there be anymore?
So in my excitement of discovering parkrun, and entering all these fun runs... have I over estimated myself?    

Plan of attack:
Mon, Wed, Thurs - Run the 4km Lake or Run Part of my 6.5km walk to work (4km x 3 = 12km)
Sat - Park Run (5km)
that is 17km per week, minimum.
4 weeks until 12WBT finishes  17km x 4weeks = 68km .... I CAN DO THIS!

I will dedicate each km to a person who 'liked', and during that Km I will think about them, and use them to help me through it.
You see, Motivation to get up and "JFDI" is difficult, well when you are Motivated it's easy, it's when that nasty motivation is hiding, and you just can't find it wherever you look... that's where the struggle comes.  I know from experience that I promise myself the world, and let myself down time and time again, but when I promise someone else something, then I absolutely HATE letting them down. So thanks to everyone who participated in this, your one little click is going to keep me motivated... This is one challenge I am not going to forget in a hurry.

In other news... It's the end of the 4 day weekend, back to work tomorrow, and  less than 36 hours until Weigh in.  I want my weight to start with a 7 sooooo badly.  This morning I was 300g away.  I'm so close I can taste it, and boy it is easier to resist chocolate easter eggs when you are that close to something you want!

Week 9 of the programme has Michelle introducing Accelerator Days, where on a Tuesday we will eat no simple carbohydrates. No fruit, no bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, or excess sugar. Our day will consist of vegetables and protein. This is designed to accelerate our weight loss, reduce water retention and boost the intake of vegetables. Cass swears by them, so I am looking forward to seeing what affect it has on the scales.
Breakky - My Egg will be boiled instead 

Lunch is a Fritatta with Salad
Next post will be the Weigh in Result... wish me Luck!

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