Saturday, April 7, 2012

Week 8 - Mini Milestone Park Run

Week 8 of 12... week 8 means -

  • Redo the Fitness Test
  • Retake the 'measurements'
  • Do another mini milestone.

My second mini milestone was to do a 5km run..without stopping, and as you know I completed that last weekend....but once you start, you gotta keep going, right?

So, my friend Sandra and I tried out Park Run this morning, and I have decided that it is one of the coolest things on the coast.... and I'm going to try and do it every week in my build up to doing 10 kms in the Gold Coast marathon.

A 5km timed run, every Saturday at 7am, for free. Run by volunteers, assisted by the council, and the course is beautiful beach front, and paths through the dunes and trees.  Below is a video showing the course we ran this morning... Yep thats right RAN! When you watch the video it seems quite a distance.

It's worldwide, so there could be a location near you... if not, why not enquire about starting one?

By 1pm, I had an email with my time, and placing in the field, and considering that official 'fun runs' have a registration fee of between $30 - $45 each time, this free weekly community run is just awesome.  It happened to be ParkRun's first birthday, so there was an extra big turn out of 196 people.

Since the start of the 12WBT, my fitness has improved in the following ways:

  • 1km time trial  -  Day 1 = 8 min 2 sec, Now = 6min 1 sec
  • Push ups (on knees) - Day 1 = 31 in 1 minute, Now = 65 in 1 minute
  • Push ups (on toes) - Day 1 = 0, Now = 12
  • Abdominal strength* - Day 1 = level 2, Now = level 3
  • Wall Sit - Day 1 = 38 seconds, Now = 1m 27 seconds
  • Sit and Reach - Day 1 = -5cm, Now +2 cm.
I have lost a total of 32.5 cm off my body since 8 weeks ago! WOW.
7cm off the hips, and 6 cm off the waist... no wonder my old pants fall down now.
So with weigh-in in 4 days, I am super excited. I have my eyes on the prize (of being in the 70's) and a Super Saturday  Session today, burning at least 1050 calories (not counting doing my fitness test or walking the stairs in wet n wild) has got me set up to win.  Another exciting day tomorrow, and an Accelerator day planned for Tuesday... I AM going to nail this. 

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Bec said...

Congratulations on reaching your 5k milestone a week early!

Thanks for your write-up about park run as your mini milestone. I've been debating what to do for my personal round 1 W12 event and the Brisbane Park Run is high on my list. I hope that it's as well run as the Gold Coast one is!