Wednesday, April 18, 2012

2 and a half weeks to go... 4 weeks until Party!

Well Well Well, I have been quiet on here... combination of starting a new job and being so exhausted, and trying to load a video last week, and getting errors so I gave up... But I'm back and raring to go, because Today was weigh-in, and I weighed in at 80kg on the dot.
The scales teased me by flashing up at 79.9 for a split second before settling on 80, but considering my week had not been perfect, I was very happy with the 800g loss.
And now... I am thrilled. I just got home and had an email from Mish, saying I was in the top 15% of the people on the 12WBT program (round 1).... need I say I was shocked, stocked and extremely happy.
We are currently on week 10, so for those of you who are good at maths, that would mean 2 weeks until the end of the 12 week challenge, so the question is.. Am I going to reach my 12 week goal of 10kg lost?

Currently sitting at 8.1kg lost on the program... meaning I have 1.9 to go to reach this goal!  Surely I can manage this.... I have on average lost between 700g and 1kg each week (except for the flatline) so I can do this if I put my mind to it.

Now onto other matters, or calendar events!  10 days until my next fun run! 5kms plan is to get enough practise doing 5km runs that they 'start' to feel comfortable and then  I can slowly move up to the 8km Mothers day classic, before the 10km in the Gold Coast Marathon... remember when this was just a pipe dream? "marathon-effort"

and on Thursday May 17, I'm gonna jump on a plane and fly to Melbourne, to meet up with one of my Best Friends (and cousin) Melissa, and we are spending 3 nights together!  On the Saturday we will be attending the Group Workout with Michelle Bridges in the centre of Melbourne, and Saturday night attending the Finale Party where we will 'Sparkle' and find out all the winners from Round 1 2012!
Thursday and Friday will be well spent on Sightseeing and Shopping, so I don't think we will be bored.

Melissa and I haven't seen each other since January, when she and her family came to the Gold Coast for a Holiday.  She is flying into Melbourne from New Zealand so this is a much bigger effort for her to get there and I am so grateful that she is making that effort so we can share this big celebration together!
This is Me and Melissa, in January... can't wait to take an 'after' photo.
Mel and I, with our 12WBT inspiration, Cass (also taken in January)
Also joining us in Melbourne will be Cass! Cass did last round of the 12WBT, and watching her shrink before our eyes was the catalyst for Melissa and I joining the challenge in the first place.  Cass is a lot further along in her journey, at the last few kilos/Maintenance stage, so she is still a real inspiration.

So here we go ... Home Stretch!

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