Saturday, December 31, 2011

Countdown to Go!

Well here we are, only hours away from 2012, 6 Days away from being 40 years old... and still in the same damn place I was this time last year when I said "So much has to change before I turn 40".

Well... what a surprise! I let myself down again.

Actually, I am being a bit harsh.. a lot has changed for the better, (which I will tell you about over the coming days) and I am just getting my momentum up to really hit 2012 with a bang.

So this blog is about my journey from where I am today, my journey to find my authentic self... to let out the real me who has been trapped inside this body, a body that has been neglected and uncared for for 40 years.

The time has come to stop being scared of life, to stop making excuses for why I don't have the life I really want, to step out from behind the scared little girl who has controlled me  for so long and say " Hey, I'll take it from here, and the time is now!"

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The Everyday Mum said...

Yippee! You did it! Love it!